Spartacus Sandalwood - Safety Razor Kit


It's a shame really, shaving can be such a great experience but you were taught to do it use a plastic spoon with razors stuck to it.

Really, you would rather shave with the blue one?

Safety Razor

No offense, but if you are using one of these then you need to up your game bro.

Plastic disposable razors are nasty, not good for you and not good for the environment.

Let's start with the not good for you part.

Here is what sucks:

  • TOO LIGHT - the plastic has no weight on the handle, nothing to grip
  • PLASTIC - you're holding a plastic spoon, not cool
  • BALANCE - no counterbalance, shaving requires a precision tool
  • DOESN"T LAST - disposable, not good for your wallet
  • GOES IN TRASH - not good for the planet

You need to invest in a wood razor, the perfectly balanced shave-to-razor technology will change everything you think about shaving.

First of all, when you start to slow down, you'll really begin to enjoy your daily ritual. Shaving is something you look forward to every day, not just an activity you have to do.

Using Great Natual Shaving Soap

Using great shaving soap with a rich leather also changes your experience, a good soap will make your skin feel softer and will leave it feeling hydrated—not thrashed like chicken skin.

Though shave creams are widely used today, other shaving pros would always come back to the traditional way of wet shaving—in this case using a shave soap.

A quality shave soap allows you to build a lather with the same consistency as that of shave cream. 


Shaver Info for Men takes us on some of the advantages of using a shave soap:

  • Contains a high level of fat and glycerin necessary for skin hydration;
  • Acts as an emollient that can penetrate whiskers and consequently soften beards to give you better and smoother results;
  • Provides necessary lubrication and protection so the blade can gently glide on the skin’s surface without hurting or irritating it.

Naked Armor soap is handmade and 100% natural—you will love it.



For centuries, sandalwood has reserved a place of dignity and respect in many civilizations and religions of the world.

You deserve that dignity and respect too.

Sandalwood is heavy, yellow-green, and fine-grained.


In fact, Sandalwood is the second most expensive wood in the world, right after African Blackwood. Both the wood and the oil produce a distinctive fragrance that has been highly valued for centuries.

Sandalwood scent is believed by some to transform one's desires and maintain a person's alertness while in meditation. Shaving is like modern meditation isn't it?
Sandalwood Safety Razor

More good stuff ... 

Sandalwood has been found to improves memory and stimulates your powers of concentration. It also keeps the brain cool and relaxed and saves you from undue stress and anxiety.

While shaving, the aromatic oils released from the wood promote mental and physical health outcomes.

Trust me, plastic has the opposite effect.


This wet shave razor shave kit includes everything you need to shave at home or on the road. We make it easy, you don't need anything else but this kit. In the box you’ll find:
  • RAZOR - The Brazilian Sandalwood Safety Razor
  • SOAP - Handmade organic soap for the face with great lather and smell.
  • BRUSH - Badger friendly wood craved handle brush for mixing your soap.
  • BOX - Beautiful box for gifting.
    All comes in a quality handcrafted gift box.

      Wet Shave Kit Safety Razor

      Wait there is more . . .


      Featuring a durable sandalwood handle + stainless steel accented end caps for the perfect face-to-shave ratio and balance.


      Give the gift of looking good, feeling good, and help make anyone feel irresistibly handsome while knowing that no badgers were killed for your brush (more below).


      We are sure you will love this razor set and our warranty is simple and straightforward. If you don’t like it for any reason we will offer you a full refund.

      Naked Armor razors have kept thousands of men (and their women) happy with baby soft faces made for touching and looking great.

      Ethically Chosen Materials

      I won’t get on my badger soapbox, but we don’t need to support the killing of endangered animals just to lather up a little soap.

      Most shaving brushes are made from real badger hair, a protected species on this planet. Our brush is soft & feels just fine on your face.

      Master the Art of Straight Razor Shaving Today

      This is a fantastic wet shaving kit, a lightweight—perfectly balanced—handle and five layer close-shave-technology blade.

      Thank you for looking.

      * You might want to get this scuttle too, it's a great add-on to the wet shave kit.

      Savanna Scuttle

        ★ PLEASE BUY ONE TODAY +1% is donated to save the badger fund for every purchase. Help an endangered friend.


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