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We love getting product reviews! It allows us to get a glimpse of how our products are changing the shaving experience of our customers.

Check out these reviews of some of Naked Armor’s most in-demand products and find out for yourself which wet shaving tool you need to complete your wet shaving kit.

Solomon Straight Razor Kit

● Review by DMG Studios

Becker, one of the content creator of DMG Studios, has reviewed a lot of our products and one of them is our Solomon Straight Razor Kit (Black). After 3 months of not shaving his beard, he was so excited to unboxed the kit and shave with it. Get to know what his first impressions are about the kit by watching the videos below. If you want to have the kit for yourself or for your love one, cart your own now!

● Review by Jon of GunCollector007

Jon of GunCollector007 reviews all the best things that tickle men’s fancy from guns, knives, self-defense tools, and luxury products. And one of the things he reviewed is our very own Solomon Straight Razor Kit (Brown). Check out what he has to say so that you can see for yourself why you need to add this awesome wet shaving kit to your cart.

Spartacus Sandalwood Safety Razor Kit

● Review by Justin of 30 Day Reviews

Justin of 30 Day Reviews just did a review on another one of Naked Armor’s awesome wet shaving products. This time, he did a review on our Spartacus Sandalwood Safety Razor Kit. Just as he did with his other reviews, he tried it for 30 days to see just how well it holds up to his expectations. Check out what he has to say below and see if you need to add this to your cart as gift for someone or as a gift to yourself.

● Review by MC Shaving

Mark is the content creator for MC Shaving and Magboy Creations.
For the last 5 years, he's sharing new shaving products to his subscribers on Youtube. Mark will show you what's inside the Spartacus Safety Razor Kit.

Get your own kit here.

Beard Grooming Kit + Shavette

● Review by Beard Times with Scott

Scott from Beard Times With Scott creates real and honest product reviews. He's not afraid to tell if the products are terrible and he doesn't like them. He started his channel year 2013. Now with over 261,467 channel views, he creates reviews on all-male grooming products in the market. It's time to put Naked Armor's Beard Grooming Kit into a test. Watch and listen to what he says. If you want to cart your own kit, click this link.

Solomon Straight Razor

● Review by PURE Reviews

Kevin from PURE Reviews tried Naked Armor's Solomon Straight Razor. Listen to what he has to say about the quality of the razor, the balance, and just how great this straight razor is.

If you want to get this razor, click this link to cart.

Bela Straight Razor

● Review by Michael

You might be wondering if our Bela Straight Razor really arrives shave-ready. Yes, it is and Michael is a testament to that. He reviewed our Bela Straight Razor and let us know his honest thoughts on the razor's unique blade details and shave-readiness. Click on these videos so that you can also decide to purchase this handcrafted gem.

Noah's Organic Shave Soap (Tin)

● Review by Dave of Monkey Man

Dave from Monkey Man (previously Monkey's Tropical Adventures) does product reviews on wet shaving products. We asked him to try our Safety Razor Kit and our 7oz Natural Organic Shave Soap. Watch these videos to know his honest thoughts when he tried our Noah's Organic Shave Soap. Maybe this is the soap that you've been looking for.

Noah's Organic Shave Soap (Puck)

● Review by Justin of 30 Day Reviews

We love getting feedback on our products! And we received a ton of them from Justin of 30 Day Reviews.

Justin goes beyond the usual unboxing of products because instead of simply showing off the products on camera, he actually tries them for 30 days to see if they actually work. And he did just that with Noah’s Organic Shave Soap (Puck) by Naked Armor which is included on our Spartacus Sandalwood Safety Razor Kit and Spartan Brazilian Sandalwood Wet Shaving Kit.

Click on each video below to find out what he has to say about our organic shave soap and decide for yourself whether you need to add one or two or maybe even three tins of this stuff to your cart.