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Great shave

I would highly recommend this product for any man wanting a close shave. There’s something to be said about the way men used to shave in the razors they used in the product this company provides is one of the best.

Voyageur Aftershave


Builds a great lather that stays nice and warm. Fantastic product!!

Great product

The stand is awesome. Nice and sturdy and perfect for keeping my razor and brush dry.

Swedish Black Wood Shaving Brush

Really nice

It smells great, feels great and moisturizes the skin and closes the pores. Would definitely recommend!

Solomon Straight

The box came in perfectly great condition with all items intact. The instruction manual gave great insight on the items provided and even came with a card which could get you a free shave soap if you provided feedback, unfortunately that website didn't allow for proper verification of the order. The only part which is hard about learning to straight shave is getting past the fact your peripheral vision is skewed on your dominant side for shaving and is hard to see your starting point. I've been stropping my razor each time before use to ensure sharpness and accuracy, but there's no explanation for what the blue eel side should be used for. The Solomon blade is a perfect starter blade point for beginners, it offers less chance of knicks and cuts like other shapes may be prone to. I suggest starting with this blade before moving on to more advanced one's to prevent injury. The only other video of shaving I would suggest is how to best get the ideal 30° angle perfect for shaving, not everyone is a good judgement of angle. Overall, very satisfied with my purchase and will continue honing my straight shaving skills to have better skin.

Beard To Blade Balm

Samson Shavette Straight Razor | Black

Great Scuttle

Combines a scuttle with a hollow chamber to keep everything warm/

Brown Straight Razor Kit | Men's Gift Box

Merlin Stainless Steel Straight Razor


The soap easily makes lots of lather and smells great. What more could you ask from a shaving soap?

Great Investment, experience, and company

I love this product and the company. The company was personal and professional throughout the entire purchase process. Updates were regularly sent at each stage of purchase and shipping. For people new to straight razors, the Beginner's Guide material provides anyone with as much knowledge as they need to have a great experience with every shave.

Good Quality Product

Good quality product. Nice clean shave. The weight and feel of the razor is natural and let's me know it's not cheaply made.


I want to give you all a Great BIG THANK YOU for all you have done for me. You are a Great Company and I will be happy to recommend Naked Armor to all my friends. You are excellent with customer service and with quality products. Again thanks.

As advertised

Great product. I am very pleased with this purchase, very well made. Would buy again.

A great shaving mug

Love it. I don't fill it with hot water. I bought it because I needed a larger size shaving mug.


Straight razor shaving is such a pleasure. I shaved off my beard to try it and I couldn't be happier. As far as NAKED ARMOR, it's absolutely the best. My SOLOMON STRAIGHT RAZOR KIT is perfection.

I like the thick richness

I used it for shaving

Good Job Naked Armor

I really like the scuttle included in this kit. It lathers well, and the thin aluminum body really transfers heat well. I like my soap hot, and this scuttle keeps it hot. Note: If you're hot water heater is set high, be careful as your scuttle may be too hot to handle. I'm interested to try it in the middle of the summer when a cool soap would be pleasing. 5 stars.

I've never used a shavette before, so this was new to me. I quickly found a few issues with my technique, since you have to be very careful with the blade angle when using a shavette. This is no fault of the razor. It shaves nicely, has a good weight, and is very well made. Not sure if this is a custom creation or a OEM rebrand, but, either way, nice job Naked Armor! 5 stars.

I've always enjoyed the Naked Armor soaps. They smell great, lather well, and provide a nice cushion for shaving. 5 stars.

The only thing I didn't like about the kit was the brush. I've used Naked Armor brushed before and they tend to shed. This one was no different. Now, maybe I'm a little bit picky. I spent over $40 to buy a custom synthetic brush, so I'm very particular. The brush in this kit just feels a little rough. It will probably loosen up with use, but I'm very particular with the feel, so I've been using my own brush with this kit. 4.5 stars.

So, overall, a very nice product! I'm not going to subtract a star just because I have a different brush preference. Keep it up Naked Armor, you have a winner here.

Love the product

I absolutely love this product! I decided to make the switch to a more sustainable shaving option and I have been thrilled with the Thor Straight Razor. I took one star away for the dissatisfaction in the marketing. I am a woman, who uses the straight razor on my legs. It’s slightly disappointing to receive packaging for my new straight razor telling me what an exceptional man I will be and how much my woman will love this shave. A straight razor is great for anyone looking to chose a more sustainable option for shaving, instead of wasting tons of plastic razors every year. That includes male, female, or gender nonconforming people. I’m sure most of these products go to men, it could be considered they aren’t shaving for their “woman.” Maybe shaving for self care, or for their partner, who might not be a woman. All to say, I really do love this product and I’m happy I chose this particular razor. Just offering some perspective.

Nice and functional

The mug does what it claims. Just fill it with hot water and that is it. It will keep your shaving cream warm. I love the finish and how elegantly the mug is packed. Definitely an excellent gift idea for a man. I would definitely recommend it.

Blue Eel Strop

I purchased this strop to hone my Solomon razor I received for Christmas. I read the guide on the Naked Armor website and I was able to hone my razor back to its magnificent edge. High quality materials and a perfect size for at home or for traveling. Excellent craftsmanship!