Damascus Straight Razor

A great shave starts with a quality straight razor for the closest shave a man can get outside of a barbershop.

Use the best straight razor—not just some plastic spoon masquerading as a razor.

Straight razor shaving is also an awesome way to start your day!

Looking great is the best way to happiness. Your woman will love it too!

Naked Armor delivers a great shave and an awesome shaving experience!

100% Guaranteed.

Nobody likes a horrible shave, and you deserve the best shave of your life every day at home. New to wet shaving? Grab our free eBook.

Walnut Wood + Steel Handle

The handle of the Damascus Straight Razor is made of walnut wood and steel. With an attractive wood grain, walnut wood is also extremely strong, durable, and highly valued.

Surrounded by steel, it'll give you the perfect balance that feels good and provides you with a sturdy and comfortable grip as you slide the blade through your morning lather to cut your facial hair. It's so good that you can also easily shave your melon.

Damascus Steel Blade

Ok, next comes the blade!

We used Damascus steel with a hardness of up to 61-65 HRC.

It's so hard that if someone breaks into your house and you need a weapon to defend yourself, you could grab a Naked Armor straight razor.

The intricate blade is an attention grabber due to its beautifully crafted mottled pattern. Our Damascus Straight Razor's overall craftsmanship is excellent in that it can be both kept as a stand-out aesthetic display and for shaving. It guarantees a shave as close as our other straight razors.


    Damascus Straight Razor

    The Perfect Balance

    Shaving with a straight razor is all about quality, sharpness, and balance. 

    Awesome Packaging

    Damascus Straight Razor makes a wonderful gift. Housed in this gift box, the straight razor includes a leather travel case for when you want to take it with you on the road—or maybe to keep your razor comfortable while not using it.

    Damascus Straight Razor

    Sharp Out Of The Box

    Yep, this blade is ready to shave right out of the box and comes with a nice coat of oil to help protect the blade while in transit to your home.

    However, we do recommend hitting it with a strop before you shave. Please do not buy a straight razor without a strop (get one here).

    Need a full kit? This blade now comes in our Damascus Straight Razor.

    Award-Winning Straight Razor

    Naked Armor razors won the premium award for Best Straight Razors by Gear Hungry. We worked hard to make you the best razor so that you can get the closest shave every day.

    Damascus Straight Razor

    More Details

    The blade is fairly wide, making it a perfect beginner blade as it is easier to get the correct angle right.

    This blade is between a half hollow and a full hollow. We wanted to capture both designs' best aspects, so we designed a hybrid blade, crafted between the 1/2 hollow and full hollow.

      Wet Shaving Will Make You $1000 in 4 Years

      You get the perfect mixture of strength and precision with the Damascus Straight Razor, and you also get $1000 in your pocket.


      Having a smooth manly face comes at a cost, but you can save money by switching to this straight razor—no more running to the store to grab a cheap plastic spoon to shave with.

      Damascus Straight Razor

      The statistics show that in 4 years, you'll save $1000 by switching to a straight razor. You'll also save lots of plastic going into landfills. Bonus!

      Lifetime & Satisfaction Guarantee

      We're confident that you will love our straight razor, which is why our warranty is simple and straightforward.

      If you don't like it for any reason, we will offer you a full refund for all unused products.

      Naked Armor products have kept thousands of men (and their women) happy with awesome looking faces made for touching and looking great.

      Throw away your plastic razor and never settle for anything less than what Naked Armor's awesome straight razor lineup can give you.

      Naked Armor Giving Back

      Naked Armor donates +1% of all sales to feeding Americans in need. This campaign was inspired by (Naked Armor Founder) Derek's uncle, who died while homeless and down on luck. We all need a helping hand once in a while, and Naked Armor is committed to giving back.


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      Customer Reviews

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
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      Damascus Straight Razor

      Chad Goff
      Top notch Quality

      Don’t waste your money with any other straight razors. This company did well with their razors, and quality.