Blue Eel Strop | Brown

Ok, so you bought a straight razor, and at some point, you figured out that you need to maintain it with a strop.

We got your back—well, your face and head.

From The Firehouse

Our longtime customer, John Finley, both a firefighter and bodybuilder, shaves his head every day and gave us a great review of the Blue Eel Strop.

Blue Eel Strop | Brown

“I was going through 5 to 7 razors a month, but when I switched to a straight razor, now all I need to do is strop every few shaves. It has saved me HUNDREDS of dollars.”

Just a few strokes on our Blue Eel Strop returns any dull blade to its original sharpness—no stone or file required.

Never again endure the tedious yank-and-drag agony of a dull shaver; just strop it.

Need some courage to shave your head? See our video here where Justin Bravo shaves his head on camera.

Blue Eel Strop

Our signature series Blue Eel Strop is a beautiful addition to any kit. Beautiful, elegant leather + thick blue canvas and quality connectivity brass.

A strop is a flexible piece of leather, canvas, or any soft material. A strop's function is to straighten and polish the blade's edge and work off any burr left behind by sharpening stones.

Stropping 101

Never move the blade towards the cutting edge as it will cut into the strop, resulting in a dull edge to the blade and damage to the strop.

A few strokes are usually sufficient. A strop is best used before you even think your edge is dull.

Used consistently, it is a key step in maintaining the sharpness of a razor's edge. 

You strop on the leather surface, not the rough leather bottom, but you use the very top of the strop. Use the blue part to wipe the blade just before you start to strop. 

Stropping is a swiping motion that pulls the cutting edge of a blade away from a strip of leather to sharpen the blade. It’s a great method of keeping a razor clean and easy to use as it produces a very sharp final edge.

Stropping helps smooth the rough edges off your blade and sets the teeth in alignment—it gives a straight razor a keen edge to help make shaving easier. 

Hanging strops are the most common. They consist of a canvas strap and a leather strip.

How to Sharpen a Blade Using a Strop

Important Steps

There are two key things to consider when you are stropping your razor:

  1. Always draw the blade away from the cutting edge so that the razor doesn’t dig into the leather.
  2. Hold the razor at the same bevel angle consistently throughout the stropping process.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT - If you raise the angle or lower it down, it will affect the razor's edge in the wrong way, and you will destroy the edge.

For a few DIY videos and more info, see this post.

Lifetime & Satisfaction Guarantee

We're confident that you will love our strop, which is why our warranty is simple and straightforward.

If you don't like it for any reason, we will offer you a full refund for all unused products.

Blue Eel Strop | Brown

Naked Armor products have kept thousands of men (and their women) happy with awesome looking faces made for touching and looking great.

Throw away your plastic razor and never settle for anything less than what Naked Armor's awesome straight razor lineup can give you.

Buy a strop today!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews

Customer Reviews

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Naked armor strop

Item was just as described. Perfect replacement for my naked armor strop.

The perfect edge always.

I bought this set to help keep my many knives, and shaving blades at their very best. My only issue is that they work so well. Once the sharing starts, it is so much fun and ease. I hate stopping. Hey maybe my neighbors have some knives or shavers that need help.

USA company that gives back....

Bought the strop in black, very nice product, well made. The leather and denim does what it's supposed to do. The rings on end make for holding very easy while still having if you need to you can use rings to hook on something instead. Nice touch, Naked Armor. They have great correspondence as well. A USA product company is a big bonus and one that gives back to those in need can't beat that.

Perfect for the size and price!

Would definitely recommend to anyone. Great quality - works very well.

5 stars

My husband had never used a straight blade razor before so learning to use the strop was also something new for us. Once we got the hang of it, it was easy to use and worked well. I would recommend this for a straight blade razor.