How To Choose the Best Point For Your Straight Razor

The How To Choose the Best Point For Your Straight Razor PDF guide will help you decide.

If you are like any other ordinary man, you probably started out shaving with a disposable razor out of convenience. That, and because shaving was something you just had to get over with each day. But along the years, you got tired of getting nicks and cuts and from spending so much on frequent shopping trips for disposable cartridges that you decided to splurge one-time and bought a safety razor.

So for a time, safety razors, being what they are, made you safe and complacent. You got fewer nicks and cuts-and only because you still had to overcome a learning curve-but you always got a smooth and clean shave. But then again, like a seven-year itch, you feel the need for something new. Like wanting to turn pro.

And so you decide to get a straight razor.


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Based on 2 reviews