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Damascus Straight Razor

1st Time Customer

I was a 1st time customer but due to customer service as well as quality products. Will be a lifetime customer!

Awesome product

The razor came too dull to shave but with the 100% sharp guarantee I sent it back and the turn around was pretty quick so I’m excited to get it back and start shaving!


Worth every penny. I love knowing a new skill with shaving. Just takes practice.

Most soothing!

I had no idea an aftershave could be this awesome! The blends in this bottle was very soothing to my skin, the perfect way to complete my shave. And this Bay Rhum smells amazing!!!

1776 Aftershave
David Hughes

i like and use it every day

Silver Fox Scuttle
Chris DeRouen

Silver Fox Scuttle Shaving Mug

1776 Shaving Soap
David Hughes

1776 Shaving Soap Puck


This scuttle is light weight and easy to handle. It’s large enough to allow building enough lather for two or three passes. The warm lather beats what comes from a mug any day of the week because the warmth helps soften whiskers to allow a close comfortable shave.

Best Shave Ever

Love the design the weight I bought the box set awesome treat to myself most of all I love the clean Shave.

Super idea

However, I haven’t been able to find strop sharpening paste to buy. I didn’t see it on Naked Armor site, maybe I just missed it. I live in Japan and haven’t been able to find it locally either.

Hemp Aftershave Balm
Elbert Davis
it's great

Like it it truly fills good on the face. it does all you said it would it would do. Fine job

Top notch Quality

Don’t waste your money with any other straight razors. This company did well with their razors, and quality.

I love the product.

I just got into shaving with a straight Razor and was excited to get this product as my first venture into the straight razor world. Everything is well made and looks fantastic.
When I used my razor for the first time it seemed like it hadn't been sharpened, or as I come to find out they call it honed, so I contacted Naked Armor. They gave me a shipping label and I sent the razor off the next day for honing. I am excited to get my razor back and have a baby smooth face, which will be a miracle seeing as I am coming up on 35 in June.


Use this product with caution! I have been using it for 3 weeks and can't see myself doing without it every again.

Nice Aftershave Balm

This aftershave is a nice, mildly scented balm that goes on much like coconut oil. The feel is refreshing, but does not calm razor burn as much as I'd like. I'm not saying it is bad, but it is a little milder than I prefer. The scent is very pleasant, but, again, very mild.
The only issue I have is that it takes quite a while for the balm to absorb into one's skin, leaving your face shiny and feeling oily for quite some time. Maybe I'm putting it on too thick, and, if so, this balm will last for a very long time.

Great shave

I would highly recommend this product for any man wanting a close shave. There’s something to be said about the way men used to shave in the razors they used in the product this company provides is one of the best.

Voyageur Aftershave
Suzanne Randolph

Voyageur Aftershave

Silver Fox Scuttle
James Shirley

Builds a great lather that stays nice and warm. Fantastic product!!

Great product

The stand is awesome. Nice and sturdy and perfect for keeping my razor and brush dry.

Swedish Wood Brush
Gary Fisher

Swedish Black Wood Shaving Brush

Thor Straight Razor Kit
Christopher Fairholt

Very good quality

Really nice

It smells great, feels great and moisturizes the skin and closes the pores. Would definitely recommend!

Solomon Straight

The box came in perfectly great condition with all items intact. The instruction manual gave great insight on the items provided and even came with a card which could get you a free shave soap if you provided feedback, unfortunately that website didn't allow for proper verification of the order. The only part which is hard about learning to straight shave is getting past the fact your peripheral vision is skewed on your dominant side for shaving and is hard to see your starting point. I've been stropping my razor each time before use to ensure sharpness and accuracy, but there's no explanation for what the blue eel side should be used for. The Solomon blade is a perfect starter blade point for beginners, it offers less chance of knicks and cuts like other shapes may be prone to. I suggest starting with this blade before moving on to more advanced one's to prevent injury. The only other video of shaving I would suggest is how to best get the ideal 30° angle perfect for shaving, not everyone is a good judgement of angle. Overall, very satisfied with my purchase and will continue honing my straight shaving skills to have better skin.

Beard To Blade Balm
Jeremy Dominguez

Beard To Blade Balm