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Straight Razor Kit

Highest Quality Steel

The main feature of this kit is its razor. The blade of the Solomon Straight Razor is made from high-quality Japanese steelwhich is what separates it from other razors in the market.

Everything In One Box

We wanted to make things easy for you so we placed everything you need in this kit but there are a few other things that you might want to consider getting to further improve your shave routine.

Lifetime & Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re confident that you will love our straight razor kit which is why our warranty is simple and straightforward. If you don’t like it for any reason, we will offer you a full refund for all unused products.

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Straight razor shaving is a great way to start your day!

You are irresistible.


"My husband asked me to post this: The blade is awesome! Closest shave I've ever had, hands down."

~ Grace Cole

2 JUN 2020, 12:21

"Still need some practice with using a sharp knife to shave around my huge beard but I enjoyed shaving without a disposable razor."

~ Brian

15 SEP 2020, 14:42

"I love the smooth feel this razor gives my face. I'm still learning to fully use it, but I am thrilled with the anticipation and convinced that this is the right tool for the job."


15 AUG 2017, 14:42



🔥 Each razor is handmade.

🔥 We use Japanese Steel in all our straight razors.

🔥 We use biblical hard-woods imported from best sources.

🔥 Every product is made for gifting.

🔥 Your purchase helps feed the homeless.

🔥 We guarantee every product fo a lifetime.

Made For Gifting

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