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You deserve to be treated like a king and with the King Arthur Gold Straight Razor Shaving Kit, that’s possible.

It’s the best shaving kit you can have by your side as you do your shave routine with its gold-accented stainless steel razor.

Straight razors are making a comeback and for good reason—it’s the closest, cleanest shave you can possibly have and now you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Shaving with a straight razor is one of the best ways to start your day with.

It gives the closest shave that you can possibly have plus it helps keep your facial skin feeling soft and clean too. That’s an all-around win if you ask us.

Wet Shaving

Here are six reasons why you should get a Naked Armor King Arthur Gold Straight Razor Shaving Kit:

1. Japanese Steel Blade

This kit features one of the best straight razors and it’s all because of its incredible blade.

A cheap blade is well, cheap, but you sacrifice a quality shave and you increase your chances of getting your skin irritated. A high-quality razor such as ours was designed to last you for a long time and guarantees a great shave with every use.

Some blade basics that you need to know from the masters:

  • Start with great steel
  • Hone to perfection
  • Make it balanced

We designed and crafted this blade with the best steel available in the world and with the highest hardness rating that can be found in any straight razor.

We import Japanese stainless steel with a hardness rating of  61-65 HRC in large sheets and cut each one of these blades out by hand.

King Arthur Straight Razor


King Arthur

We topped and bottomed this razor off with 115-grain two-sided gold copper heads to give you the perfect equilibrium and a classic and elegant-looking razor.

2. Biblical Wood Handle

The handle of the King Arthur razor is made of algum wood, a wood of Biblical lineage. According to the Book of First Kings, algum was used – together with cedar and pine – in the construction of Solomon's Temple.

If it's good enough for the Temple, then it's perfect for this straight razor—in fact, it's so perfect, that we had to call it King Arthur.

It's strong, well-balanced wood and light to the touch. It feels good on your grip as you slide the blade through your morning lather to cut your facial hair. It helps the razor cut seamlessly and effortlessly.

3. Wet Shaving Will Make You $1000 in 4 Years

You get the perfect mixture of strength and precision with the King Arthur razor, but you also get $1000 in a few years.

Having a smooth, manly face comes at a cost, but you can save money by switching to this straight razor.

Save Money With Straight Razor

The statistics show that in 4 years you'll save $1000 by switching to a straight razor. You'll also save lots of plastic going into landfills. Bonus! You save money for your pocket and you save a bit of Earth with each shave, what an awesome deal.

4. Everything in One Box

This straight razor shave kit includes everything you need to shave with a straight razor at home & on the road.

Here’s what you get with the King Arthur Gold Stainless Steel Straight Razor Kit:

  • Gold-Accented Stainless Steel Straight Razor
  • Leather Travel Case
  • Leather Strop
  • Badger-friendly Wood Shaving Brush
  • Tin of Natural Shaving Soap
  • Tin of Sharpening Paste
  • Handcrafted Leather Box

There’s nothing else you will need to enjoy a great shave that isn’t already in this box.

Except that we always go for gold so we designed a couple of other things that might strike your fancy such as our razor stand which keeps your razor safe and dry, while the shaving scuttle which is incredibly helpful in creating the perfect shaving lather that stays warm all throughout your shave. We give you the option to add these to your cart upon check out.

Naked Armor Scuttle & Stand Kit

When used with a thick layer of wet shaving foam, this blade will move smoothly across your face for the closest shave possible.

  • Buy This Kit + Add Shave Scuttle
  • Strop the blade a few times the night before you shave.
  • Add some great shaving foam to your face.
  • Shave like a boss.

5. Made For Gifting 

The best gifts aren’t always meant to be given to other people. Often times, it’s something you deserve to give to yourself.

This straight razor kit is perfect for you or for anyone who deserves an awesome shave. Whether it's for you or for someone else, this kit is an awesome gift to unbox every day.

Man Gift

Guaranteed to make your man happy.

6. Lifetime & Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re confident that you will love our straight razor kit which is why our warranty is simple and straightforward.

If you don’t like it for any reason, we will offer you a full refund for all unused products.

Naked Armor products have kept thousands of men (and their women) happy with awesome looking faces made for touching and looking great.

Throw away your plastic razor and never settle for anything less than what Naked Armor’s awesome straight razor lineup can give you.

🌿The ecological alternative to plastic shaving.

Naked Armor Curt Tiffany Food Fund

Naked Armor donates +1% of all sales to feeding Americans in need. This campaign was inspired by (Naked Armor Founder) Derek's uncle who died while homeless and down on his luck. We all need a helping hand once in a while and Naked Armor is committed to giving back.

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Based on 225 reviews