What's the Best Buy in Shaving Stuff This Memorial Day Weekend Sale

May 17, 2020 5 min read

What's the Best Buy in Shaving Stuff This Memorial Day Weekend Sale

Naked Armor

It doesn’t take much to make a national holiday into a consumer holiday. All you need is a sale, and off goes everyone into a shopping mode.

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Memorial Day 2020

Memorial Day is an important public holiday for Americans. It started as an event to honor Union soldiers who had died during the American Civil War. After World War I, the commemoration expanded to include all male and female soldiers who died in any military engagement. That’s why we celebrate it today in order to remember their valor and sacrifice.

But because Memorial Day, like most federal holidays, is celebrated over the course of a three-day weekend, it has also become a cultural holiday for us. It’s a time to mark the beginning of summer season.

Naturally, with all the consumer spending revolving around these activities, it’s a massive opportunity for retailers to get a larger sale of a typical American family’s disposable income. Hence our traditional three-day Memorial Day Weekend Sales. But because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's best to stay at home during this time and just shop online.

But while the Memorial Day Weekend Sale is the best time of the year to buy a mattress, a gas grill, or a vacuum cleaner, we here at Naked Armor contend that it’s also a great time to hunt for lower prices on quality shaving stuff for guys. Here are our recommendations on the best buys in shaving stuff this Memorial Day Weekend Sale.

Check Out a Good Shaving Kit

For newbies, getting it on with a wet shaving routine may require buying a single blade razor, rather than just settling for a disposable razor cartridge. That’s because one has to consider the quality of the razor and shaving products in order to get a nice result from wet shaving.

A good shaving kit gives you all of these products together in one package. While the exact contents may vary with each manufacturer, in general all shaving kits usually contain a brush, shaving soap, and a selection of oils, balms, and aftershave. All you need to do then is to unpack the kit, make some lather on your shave bowl (or teacup) using the soap, and then happily shave away with your new straight razor.

This isn’t to say that shaving kits are not an ideal purchase or a gift for someone who already has a brush and some shaving cream. Instead, they’re a great way to try out a new shaving cream or aftershave, and even pre-shave oil. This is also true for the new shave brush that comes with the kit.

While your old shaving brush should last you a pretty long time with proper care, there’s certainly nothing wrong with picking up a spare every once in a while.

A good shaving kit is one that gives you all the products you'll need to enjoy a great shave

Buy a Scuttle

Among shaving accessories, a scuttle is usually the last to be acquired by shaving newbies. And only if there is still money left to splurge. That’s because scuttles are generally priced higher than other shaving essentials and its importance is not readily apparent, especially when a mug or an empty tin can serve the same purpose.

But in reality, a scuttle makes all the difference for a luxurious and comfortable shaving. Not only does it help the lather become more rich and thick but it’s the only way that you can get a warm lather without frequently refilling the hot water. And believe us, once you experience the luxuriousness of having warm lather on your face, you’ll never go back to shaving with a cold lather again.

For newbies who are thinking twice about the need for a scuttle and would like to dip their toes before spending extra for a scuttle, that excuse goes out of the window because on a Memorial Day Sale, you’ll get them at affordable prices!

A scuttle can keep your lather warm all throughout your shave routine making you enjoy a luxurious shave every time

A Naked Armor straight razor blade is uniquely designed in that its grind is between a full hollow and a half-hollow grind. This gives it a versatility that is useful for any skill set. Whether you are a shaving pro or a newbie, a Naked Armor blade will make it easy for you to do wet shaving.

— Derek Dodds, Naked Armor Founder

Consider a High-Quality Straight Razor with a Unique Grind

If you’re thinking about replacing your old razor, then this holiday sale would just be the right time for you to buy a new one. Specifically, a straight razor.

Since they’re made from high-grade Japanese steel, straight razors are generally one-time investment pieces. They may cost a bit more compared to other razors but they’re worth it in the long run.

On Memorial Day, you can get your pick of the finest straight razors since most of these items will be on sale. Our tip: get the one with a unique blade.

Like, for instance, a Naked Armor straight razor.

A Naked Armor straight razor blade is uniquely designed in that its grind is between a full hollow and a half-hollow grind. This gives it a versatility that is useful for any skill set. Whether you are a shaving pro or a newbie, a Naked Armor blade will make it easy for you to do wet shaving.

The hybrid grind design also makes it easy to cut coarse hair or fine hair. Paired with a Dutch point, it makes the Naked Armor straight razor generally safe to use.

Naked Armor's straight razors are between a full hallow and a half-hollow grind makiting it best for any kind of hair type or thickness

Get a Naked Armor Shaving Kit

Trust us, a Naked Armor Shaving Kit is everything that you will need in your wet shaving journey.

Unlike other shaving kits, our straight razors are world-class. With legendary names like Solomon, Arthur, and Lancelot (yes, these blades are as heroic as their namesakes), these razors are guaranteed to give you the closest shave ever.

Each of our kits contains an organic shaving soap, a badger-friendly brush, a leather strop, and sharpening paste. It’s literally a luxurious starter kit that will make you love wet shaving even more.

So this Memorial Day Sales, let your buying instincts take over. Once you go Naked Armor, you’ll never think of any other brand ever.

For more of our products, check out our site.

A Naked Armor Straight Razor Shaving Kit has everything you need to start and enjoy your wet shaving journey

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