What She Really Thinks About Your Hairy Arse—We Asked Her!

April 15, 2018

What She Really Thinks About Your Hairy Arse—We Asked Her!

Spring cleaning is often referred to as the act of tidying, sorting and getting rid of unwanted things in your apartment, leaving the space clean and free of clutter. Well, at Naked Armor our idea of Spring cleaning is more about men’s hairy parts.

We like to feel good and look our best for our ladyfriends, you know…so we asked them: What’s the deal with body hair on men? Do you like us to shave our body hair or go all natural?

We’re talking about your arm pits, butt crack and other places where the sun don’t shine! Their answers may surprise you. Before you reach for your straight razors to forge a path in the jungle on your chest let’s remind ourselves of a few facts about the hair on our bodies:

What She Really Thinks About Your Hairy Arse—We Asked Her!

Fact #1: Body Hair Serves A Function

The hair on your body is there for a reason: it acts as a temperature regulator, cooling your body when you sweat.

Sweating is natural and necessary, but imagine what it’d be like if we had no eyebrows? We’d have tears of sweat running into our eyes every time we go jogging or work out.

Fact #2: Hairy Men Are… Smarter (Who Knew?)

Dr Aikarakudy Alias, practicing in Illinois, conducted a study on American and Indian men, and found a correlation between body hair and intelligence. His study also found that Mensa members (the high IQ society) were more likely to have thick body hair.

Fact #3: Both Women and Men Trim Their Pubic Hair

Whether for more sex appeal, feeling of cleanliness or comfort, most of us chose to keep it short down there.

Fact #4: We Get Hairier As We Age

Yep, it happens to men and women, the testosterone in our hormones is to blame for turning the downy hair on our ears, nostrils and shoulders into a thick layer. Hence making grooming and shaving an increasing necessity if we want to look dapper!

Now let’s go back to what our girlfriends told us about their preferences. They don’t all unanimously have the same tastes of course, it’s different strokes for different folks, but we found out that a few details would scare them away, and we wouldn’t want that would we gentlemen?

Some Like It Smooth, Some Like It Shaggy

Overall, women like chest hair on a man. It is seen as masculine and sexy, hair on the belly is fine too.

Some like to cuddle up to their man’s chest and run their fingers through it. Even a carpet chest or hairy armpits are acceptable, as long as we keep it clean and free of bad body odor.

If your chest hair and armpit hair is very long and tufts are escaping from your collar and sleeves you may want to trim it a little, but make sure the hair is smooth afterwards.

In the palms of your hands rub a bit of natural balm and apply on your chest, it will soften the hair and leave it smelling great. It’s also good for your skin, as it is anti-acne, anti-bacterial, and won't clog your pores.

Do's and Don'ts

So you’re off the hook there, no need to shave your chest, but if hair grows over your shoulders and back, and if you have a hairy arse, do something about it dude!

It’s gotta go!

That’s a complete turn off for women. Sunny days are upon us we’ll be wearing Summer clothes soon, time to shave that jungle that’s been growing all Winter.

There are several ways of getting rid of it, shaving, using depilating cream or even waxing if you like pain.

We find our wet shaving kit is the best way, especially when our girlfriend does it for us. Women love to groom their man like animals do, must be something we inherited from our tribal ancestors.

Bottom line is, if you’ve got a hairy back and butt, bad luck, but after shaving it, you’ll feel great and more confident.

What She Really Thinks About Your Hairy Arse—We Asked Her!

When it comes to our private parts, as we’ve seen in the facts above, both men and women like to trim down there so you know what to do: ‘Keep that shit under control’. Trim those bushes! Keep them clean and fresh.

After all, it’s only fair we engage in a little bit of manscaping when women are pretty much expected to have hairless bodies.

One piece of advice we got from them: 'If a guy shaves his legs or spends more time grooming than I do, that’s too much'. They may want a manicured head to toe look on themselves but not on a guy.

What About White Hair ?

If the hair on head or beard is going grey, this can totally add style and manliness, and lots of men rock that look.

But if it’s the white hair on your sideburns and chest hair you’re worried about, keep it short and neat. If white hair is evenly spread out as in the peppered look, it’s fine, but tufts of white hair definitely make you look older.

What About Beards?

Beards are cool, we at NA can vouch for that, but watch out for the beard burn you may inflict. Ladies are generally a fan of the bearded look as long as they don’t get a rash from kissing you.

So keep it smooth. And make sure there are no breakfast crumbs nested in there either.

So there we have it, just as a sleek shave leaves you feeling great, a little bit of manscaping can go a long way: you’ll feel good and keep your girlfriend happy.

Make it playful and do it together, wet shave, straight razor shave, take your pick, but first you’ve got to teach her how to hold a straight razor properly!

What She Really Thinks About Your Hairy Arse—We Asked Her!

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