Use a Straight Razor to Get These Awesome Hair Designs

August 09, 2020 5 min read

Use a Straight Razor to Get These Awesome Hair Designs

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Ever since it was invented, the straight razor has been used as a practical tool for shaving unwanted hair.

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Barber using a straight razor as a hair styling tool.

Whether it was the copper razors of the Egyptians or the heavy crude cutthroats of the English, it was a dependable tool for shaving the scalp or cutting off beards.

These days, however, it’s more than just a shaving tool. It can actually be used as a hair styling tool. Barbers use it to make awesome hair designs.

In many ways, the benefits of using a straight razor for hairstyling is basically the same as using one for your shaving needs.

The narrow profile of a straight razor makes it easier to hold and adds movement. It also gives the user some flexibility because one can use it in whatever shaving angle in order to shape the preferred hairstyle. That’s why barbers and skilled shavers always have a straight razor in their arsenal.

So here’s a trio of hair designs that you can achieve by using a straight razor.

A straight razor's narrow profile gives it more manueverability.

Bald Head Look

For reasons of convenience, the bald head look is the one style that can be easily achieved by a straight razor. But before you think it’s a matter of just putting a razor to your head and shaving the hair off, it’s not. Just like in wet shaving, preparing the scalp and the hair before beginning to shave it off is essential.

This means taking a shower to clean the hair and make it soft. If you’ve got thick hair, you should also cut it real close before even trying to shave. Not only will it save you time, it’ll also make the shaving experience easier.

It always helps to put on some shave oil before applying lather on your scalp. Shaving experts recommend using the straight razor at a 30-degree angle. Any lower, it will tear the stubble; any higher, it will cut the skin.

Bald head look

Always shave along the grain. It makes shaving easier as the stubble will offer the least resistance to the blade. By now you should know the grain of your hair: the direction you comb your hair is the direction of the grain. Shave lightly and slowly; hold the razor firmly and use its weight to guide you in shaving off your hair.

It goes without saying that you need to do all of these with a hand mirror. That’s because you need to see where the blade is going. Especially when shaving the back part of your head.

The Undercut

This one is a classic. Since 1940, the undercut has undergone different looks and lengths but at its core, it’s basically a buzzed side, with the hair on top kept longer. Some styles cut the hair higher than a high fade, but it can also be an undercut fade. Shaving the short sides is a task that is easily achieved with a straight razor.

Undercuts are great for men with thick or curly hair, making it easy to style what is left on top. Conversely, the undercut can also be a great look for thinning hair. Hair on top appears thicker compared to shaved or faded sides. The greatest benefits of this hairstyle is that it is easy to style and maintain. All you need is a good pomade or a hairspray and you can style it to your heart’s content.

To get an undercut, section your wet hair from the temple, using a comb, by making a V-shape down the crown area. Clip the top hair section up when done, which will be your top section of the hairstyle.

Undercut hairstyle

When holding the razor, keep a steady wrist. Work from the center down at an angle for easier movement. When cutting hair, use the straight razor over the comb in a downward motion. Doing it this way makes for an easy layering.

Lift hair from the scalp and blow dry, giving it natural volume. To hold its shape we suggest using a volumizing hair spray for additional volume. And viola, you now have the classic undercut.

The Straight Razor Fade

Also known as the razor fade haircut, this style requires your barber to shave the sides and back in order to achieve a bald taper fade. This requires some advanced level skills. That’s why only one who is very skilled with a straight razor can pull this off. One can’t also do this alone.

This style is different from all other fade styles because in order to achieve that distinctive taper fade, a straight razor is used instead of a clipper. It looks easy but we kid you not, it isn’t. That’s why we recommend that you should go to a professional barber to get one because they actually learned this in barber school.

The great thing about this cut though is that it can be combined with any hairstyle. With a proper straight razor at hand, you can achieve any awesome style you choose.

Razor fade haircut
Photo by: Men's Hairstyles Now

The narrow profile of a straight razor makes it easier to hold and adds movement. It also gives the user some flexibility because one can use it in whatever shaving angle in order to shape the preferred hairstyle. That’s why barbers and skilled shavers always have a straight razor in their arsenal.

— Derek Dodds, Naked Armo Founder

Achieve Great Style with Naked Armor

Which brings us to why we are recommending that you get a Naked Armor straight razor if you want to pull off these awesome hairstyles.

This is because the Naked Armor blade is designed to be in between a full hollow and a half hollow grind. This means that it has the benefits of a full hollow blade and a half hollow blade.

Naked Armor's Solomon Straight Razor (Brown)

Naked Armor's Solomon Straight Razor (Black)

Naked Armor's Bela Straight Razor

Naked Armor's Merlin Straight Razor

This unique design is why we can proudly say that Naked Armor blade is a versatile blade. It can work with either coarse hair or thinning hair. The design allows it to be used by a newbie or shaving pro, which makes it an all-around MVP in giving you that awesome haircut.

It’s also made from Japanese steel and we all know how world class the Japanese are when it comes to their centuries-old tradition of making blades. Our razor blades are as sharp and keen as their Japanese samurai swords.

Want to know and see more of our blades? Check out our site.



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