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Top 10 Things To Be Grateful For On Fathers Day

June 05, 2018 2 min read

Top 10 Things To Be Grateful For On Fathers Day

Naked Armor

With Fathers Day fast approaching, it never hurts to practice a little gratitude.

Published by Naked Armor

Let's take a pause to thank and appreciate our dear old dad — the man who kissed our scraped knees, taught us patience (and sometimes not) and passed down a genuine zest for life.

Here are 10 things to be grateful for on Fathers Day.

Your Dad Is Your Best Role Model

Whether he knows it or not, he is one of our biggest role models and we will always look up to him.

Their Dad Jokes

They are probably one of the funniest people that you know and most certainly influenced your sense of humor.

He Taught You How To Be Respectful

Our dads are the first ones to teach us about respect and how to earn it. He taught us how to be respectful and respectable because you have to give respect to get respect.

He Is Your Protector

He takes on a variety of roles: a man, husband and father in our home. But most of all, he protects us by strengthening us so that we can later protect ourselves when we grow up.

He Is Always There To Support You

He teaches us the importance of having good people to go through life with because those are the kinds of things that you can't find just anywhere.

He Pushes You To Be A Better Person

He will always push us to be the best that we could be at whatever we do. He helps us figure out solutions to problems when we need an extra push, but he also motivates us to learn things on our own.

He Showed You How To Be Responsible

Responsibility means doing what needs to be done to take care of yourself, your family, your friends, and the greater community. Dad taught us how to be responsible so that others can rely on us, and that we grow up to be a man of our word and always keep our promises.

He Always Puts Up With You

No matter the outcome, he will always have our back. For every high, he has a congratulation and an enormous hug waiting for us. For every low, he has something encouraging to say to pick us up and of course an enormous hug waiting for us.

He's Your Biggest Fan

He's our number one fan and our biggest cheerleader. Knowing that he is always going to be there gives us the best feeling, because we know that even if things did not go well, he is always be there for us with their big smile, continually cheering for us.

He Loves You Unconditionally

He cares so much for those he loves even though most of the time he will not show or say it. We just know it in our hearts.

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