The Best Budget Straight Razor #1 Pick

July 04, 2018

The Best Budget Straight Razor #1 Pick

Do not be deceived. Having a hairy face does not make you look cool or more masculine. In fact, it may be giving a wrong impression about your personality.

Of course, we cannot deny that some people look smart with their beards. If you are yearning to have a professional and be taken seriously by your mates, consider shaving your hair.

By now you might have already realized that people interact with you differently depending on what they see on your face.

Some tasks such as shaving your beard don’t require high levels of professionalism. You only need to get the right razor blade.

One of the straight razor blades that you should consider trying out is the Solomon Straight Razor. Before you buy it, take your time to go through this comprehensive review.

Wooden Handle

There are many things that you should look at when buying a straight razor. One of them is the handle. You want a razor that is easy to handle. Fortunately, the handle of this razor is made of algum wood.

According to history, the same type of wood together with cedar and pine were used to construct Solomon’s temple.

The wood was also used to craft other items such as musical instruments. In other words, the razor’s handle is made of something that has been historically and biblically proven.

This only tells you that you shouldn't have any doubts about this material.

Apart from being smooth, the wood can be carefully designed to look elegant, and this is what has been done on this straight razor.

Japanese Steel Blade

Japanese Steel Blade

The Japanese products are known for meeting the highest quality standards. Just take a look at some of the basic items in your house then be the judge.

Have you ever seen a substandard product from this Asian country? Most likely, the answer is no.

The Japanese Steel blade is made of stainless steel, which has a hardness of 65 HRC. What value does this material add to the razor?

First, it is unbreakable, meaning that you can shave off your hair without worrying about its condition. It won’t break or even bend. In fact, this blade is durable in that it can be used as a defensive tool in case you are attacked.

As mentioned earlier, the manufacturer uses the Japanese steel because Japan is known for manufacturing the best steel.

Think of the American Samurai warrior and you will understand why the Japanese stainless steel remains the number one choice for making the blades.

A Perfect Balance

It can take you a lot of time and effort to find a shaving razor that balances all the key attributes of a perfect blade.

The Solomon Straight Razor tries to blend sharpness and quality under one product so that you can have a single product that can meet all your expectations.

The razor is topped and bottomed with copperheads, which enable it to balance on your face as you shave. This is one critical feature that you won’t get in most shaving razors.

Elegant Packaging

Most of us are used to mishandling the straight razors mainly because of poor packaging. If the razor is packaged recklessly, you may not be able to handle it appropriately.

The manufacturers of these razors know what the users want, and that is why they designed an elegant and sturdy box to house the blade.

You will undoubtedly be amazed by the razor’s packaging is. In addition to the box casing, the razor is housed in a leather case. If you intend to give someone as a gift, you won’t need any other form of decoration.

The package also makes it easier for you to travel with the razor.

Sharp and Ready to Use

The blade of this razor comes sharp and ready to shave. You can begin using the blade right after unboxing it.

The package comes with an oil coating, which you can use to protect the blade while in transit. It helps to preserve the sharpness of the blade.

Since it is advisable that you hit your razor with a strop before using it, it is paramount that you go for one that comes with a strop.

Design and Size

Straight Razor

The blade of the Solomon Straight Razor is quite broad, which makes it easier to handle, especially by the newbies. You will be in a good position to hold it at a perfect angle.

When it comes to the design, there is more to talk about this straight razor. Its blade falls in between half hollow and full hollow. It has combined these features to meet the needs of a diverse market.

The Solomons Straight Razor is 7/8 wide, and its tapered end measures 5/8. The total length of the razor is 17.7cm, and the blade measures 7.5cm. These dimensions ensure that the razor performs well and maximizes on the comfort when it comes to handling.

Money Back Guarantee

Solomon Straight Razor is a product that has been designed and manufactured with precision.

The manufacturer is 100 percent sure that you will be impressed with the product and that is why they are offering a lifetime warranty and money back guarantee.

If you are not happy with some features of the razor, you are free to return it and ask for a full refund.

You deserve to look good, whether you are driven by the need to impress the lady or just for your own good. Naked Armor razors are capable of giving your face the best transformation to make you look good.

By purchasing the blade, you will also be making some contribution towards the charity as 1% of every amount that you put on the razor goes towards saving the badger fund.

The razor has also received lots of positive reviews and many users expressing their satisfaction regarding its effectiveness.

Let's listen to MMA Fighter Nick as he reviews our blade:

Getting an ideal razor that will meet your shaving needs has never been a walk in the park.

You need to look at several factors before deciding on the best type to get. Solomon Straight Razor has tried to combine all the best features of an ideal straight razor into one product.

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