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Should I Go With Stubble Or Clean Shaven On A Date Night?

February 17, 2019 5 min read

Should I Go With Stubble Or Clean Shaven On A Date Night?

Naked Armor

Getting ready for a date night might seem to be complicated, especially when it falls on something as special as Valentines day.

Published by Naked Armor

Apparently, it isn’t easy, judging by the fact there’s even a WikiHow entry on how to prepare for date.

If you’re anything like a typical male, chances are preparing for a date night might be as simple as taking a shower, slapping on deodorant and putting on the next best set of clothes you’ve got lying around - preferably one that looks and smells clean.

But if you’re a guy with facial hair, you might have to do an extra bit of grooming check and decide whether you should go clean-shaven or trimmed.

Because a date night shouldn’t be a trivial thing (like beards!), we took it upon ourselves here at Naked Armor to help you decide. Here, we list the reasons why one should go clean-shaven or stick with a well-trimmed stubble.

Beards Define a Man
A Stubble is Way Better than a Full Beard
Smooth Like Baby Skin
Patchy Beards Got to Go
A Straight Razor is Your BFF

Beards Define a Man

Growing a beard isn’t an easy thing to do. In fact, unless you have a distant Norse ancestor somewhere in your family line which basically guarantees you a kick-ass Viking beard, it will take months before you can have the minimum amount of facial hair that you can groom into a decent beard.

Facial hair can have a major impact on perception. When properly groomed, they serve as a visual cue to highlight your personality. Several studies showed that having a beard tends to convey masculinity and maturity. Which is a great thing to know especially if you’re out on the dating scene.

In fact, the fuller the beard, the more attractive it is for women since, apparently, it gives the idea that you’ve got better parenting skills than most men. So it basically makes you husband material, at least for the women looking for marriage.

But it takes three months, give or take, for facial hair to grow decently on your face. So are you going to shave that off just for date night?

Uhm, not really, no.

So you are stuck with a stubble and not a full beard but as it turns out, that’s even a better situation for you.

A Stubble is Way Better than a Full Beard

That’s because a stubble is even more desirable than a full beard - especially when you’re just looking around for potential dates. There’s a study which says that women find men with stubble more attractive than beards and clean shaven faces which is welcome news for anyone seeking to increase his odds at the local dating pool on a Friday night.

We think that’s because a stubble conveys maturity and manliness, without the macho aggressiveness that comes with a full beard. According to some studies, men with full beards are generally characterized (perhaps, unfairly) as more aggressive. And that’s an important thing to consider when going out on dates-especially first ones. You need to give the best possible impression of yourself by dialing down the testosterone.

Another benefit to going with a stubble is because it accentuates your look. A stubble can give your jawline structure by creating a shadow that casts dimension and depth to the face.

Most creative types prefer this look than a clean-shaven one. And for those with baby faces, a stubble will give them that sexy, roguish charm that seems to turn on ladies. Just look at Ryan Gosling, pre and post-La La Land, and see what we mean.

Just a tip though: a stubble, in order to be deadly effective in charming your date for the night, should be well-trimmed.

The proper stubble would be no more than two or three fingers’ width of hair underneath the jawline and an absolutely clean neck from the Adam’s apple down. A well-crafted stubble should convey effortlessness but also sharpness.

Smooth Like Baby Skin

If you decide to shave your stubble off, know that a clean shave is as much a statement in itself, like wearing a beard. A clean shaven mug tends to convey youthfulness and an openness to mingling with people.

A few decades ago, it used to be that shaving on a date night was considered mandatory. That’s because it gave the impression that you made an effort to clean up and look your best for your date.

These days, with beards becoming more popular, it’s no longer the case. But there’s still a significant portion among the female population that prefers their dates to come clean-shaven.

If you want to give out the best impression (so that you’ll be able to have more follow-up dates), get a close shave so that your date can see how baby smooth you are under all that facial hair. Who knows, it might even be her jam.

Patchy Beards Got to Go

If there’s another legitimate reason to shave your beard off, it would be because you’ve got a patchy beard. It’s a common condition especially among those of us who aren’t gifted with the facial hair gene.

When that happens, just shave it off because it’s not going to do you any favors. It will make you look unkempt and lazy, or worse, silly. Definitely not the best impression you want to make on a date night. If it’s any consolation, it’ll grow back anyway in a few days.

A Straight Razor is Your BFF

Whatever you decide on, there’s only one accessory that can help groom yourself to look your best on a date night. And that’s a high quality straight razor.

Straight razors are best known for being able to give close shaves. Forget the marketing pitches on multi-razor blades; nothing beats the reliability of a good ole fashioned cut throat razor.

It also happens to be the best tool for trimming that stubble.

A straight razor’s blade is narrow and maneuverable enough to use when contouring your cheek and neckline of your stubble. More importantly, the blade is sharp enough to give you an easy and comfortable trimming experience. You’re less likely to get razor bumps.

It’s also cost-efficient and eco-friendly. Which should count for something. After all, in this age of global warming, everybody has got to do his share of reducing the carbon footprint.

Luxurious Shaving

Here at Naked Armor, we’ve elevated the experience of wet shaving by producing world class straight razors that give the best in form and function. Made with Japanese steel and valuable sandalwood handles, Naked Armor guarantees a smooth and luxurious shaving experience for everyone.

Check out our awesome razors here.

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