Shaving Scuttles vs Mugs: Which One is Better

March 17, 2019 5 min read

Shaving Scuttles vs Mugs: Which One is Better

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Over the years, wet shaving has encouraged the development of new accessories in order to heighten the shaving experience.

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Among shaving enthusiasts, these accessories often acquire the status of a “must-have” particularly if they’re serious in collecting these items. Hey, if the women can have their own collection of plates and assorted cutlery, surely the men can have their own equivalent.

That’s why there is continued interest in shaving mugs and scuttles today. If you happen to be a newbie, this would probably be your first time to read about such things, but we assure you, shaving mugs and scuttles have long been used among the avid practitioner of wet shaving.

In fact, these are the essential products you should have to mark milestones along your shaving journey. They serve as signs of your evolution from a plastic-wielding catridge barbarian to a suave gentleman practitioner of the art of wet shaving. Getting a scuttle, or a mug, is a sign that you and shaving are getting serious with each other.

Here's a quick guide on what you need to know about shaving scuttles and mugs:

Why are Scuttles and Mugs Important?

For newbies, their first experience with wet shaving usually starts with learning how to build the lather directly on their faces. Face lathering is fine for beginners because it helps them understand how long it takes and how much water is needed to build a thick lather from the shaving soap. It’s also convenient, especially for those with pubescent thin beards, because the lather created on the face is already enough for shaving.

But as one grows old, and baby whiskers develop into thick forests of facial hair, one needs more than a single pass to completely shave off the growth. For this, one needs to have a ready supply of lather that can be applied during the second and third passes.

That’s where shaving scuttles and mugs come in.

Face Lather

Shaving Mug or Scuttle?

Among the two, the shaving mug is older in terms of design and use. The earliest use of a shaving mug, according to the Sharpologist, began during the 1880s. Shaving mugs were used by most men during that time to store shaving soap. Barber shops sold them with the names of owners printed on them to prevent men from sharing soaps because they thought it could cause shaving rash. The truth of the matter was, it was unsanitary razors that were the culprit

Not only was the shaving mug a convenient container for the soap, but it was also good for putting hot water. Back then, the only way to get warm lather was to dip your shaving brush in a mug of hot water

And then came the Scuttle.

Shaving Mug

Taking its name from the Middle English scutel and the Latin scutella, which means drinking bowl and tray respectively, the old style scuttle was an improvement from the mug because the teapot-styled container allowed one to warm the lather directly. Hot water was poured into its spout and the resulting heat warmed the hard soap sitting on a holder on top of the scuttle. This allowed users to work out a warm lather far longer than the occasional dipping of the brush into a shaving mug of warm water.

Today’s modern-style scuttles, however, now take their design cues from the Moss scuttle.

First developed by Dr. Chris Moss, a Canadian town doctor, with help from a local potter, the Moss scuttle is a ceramic bowl with double walls to contain hot water and inner grooves to help build lather. One fills the inner bowl with hot water, while the outer bowl is used to build a thick lather ready for shaving. The heat from the water helps produce the thick lather needed for multiple shaving passes.

Nowadays, though, people prefer to call them simply as scuttles. Further improvements in the basic design have also resulted in scuttles with wider openings so that shaving brush can also be kept warm and wet by the heat from the scuttle’s inner bowl.

Here at Naked Armor, we want to make your life easier so we’re not going to let you go through the ordeal of choosing a scuttle or a mug. We’ve actually improved the basic Moss design to incorporate the best aspects of a scuttle and a shaving mug.

— Derek Dodds, Naked Armor Founder

Shaving Scuttle vs Mug

So which is better among the two?

A shaving mug is your basic utilitarian product for storing your shaving soap and containing the lather needed for your shave. Most shaving mugs on the market today are mass-produced but if you want to get a good one, pick a shaving mug that will be relatively tall and wide on the bottom to promote easy loading on the brush.

But then again why pick a shaving mug, when a repurposed 16-oz coffee mug will do the job just fine?A shaving mug is as ordinary as you can get if you’re looking around for the most basic shaving item to add to your inventory.

A shaving scuttle, on the other hand, adds an added layer to your shaving experience. They give a sense of luxury by keeping the lather thick and warm. Nothing beats the experience of shaving with a scuttle especially on a cold winter morning!

Our Savanna Scuttle Shaving Mug Kit

Here at Naked Armor though, we want to make your life easier so we’re not going to let you go through the ordeal of choosing a scuttle or a mug. We’ve actually improved the basic Moss design to incorporate the best aspects of a scuttle and a shaving mug.

That’s why we call it the Savanna Scuttle Shaving Mug.

It has vertical bars along the inner bowl to keep your shaving brush in place and horizontal ridges to help catch the soap between the brush bristles, resulting to a thick lather for shaving.

Savanna Scuttle Shaving Mug Kit

It’s ceramic but not as heavy as most ceramic mugs are. It has a 10-oz inner chamber with a pair of dry-rot resistant and eco-friendly corks to keep the heat from spilling out.

Plus, it also comes with a badger-friendly shaving brush and organically produced shaving soap to make your shaving as awesome and luxurious as they come

Why settle for one or the other, when you can get both for the price of one? It’s a great way to keep the lather warm. Use it with our nice scented organic soap and the aroma is intensified. We guarantee you that your shaving routine will never be the same after using this.

Click this link to find out more.

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