Safety Razor vs Straight Razor

July 20, 2017

Safety Razor vs Straight Razor

Being able to decide what type of razor to purchase can be somewhat confusing. There are typically two types of non-traditional razors to choose from. The first type of razor is a safety razor. The second type of razor to use is a straight razor. These two razors have the same outcome if used correctly but we are all wondering about the showdown between the safety razor vs straight razor.

Both types of razors can be used by women and men for shaving. Although each type of razor has its own unique qualifications, they are both a great asset to own and use regularly.

Straight Razors

A straight razor was invented by Ancient Egyptians and has been around since 1530 B.C. The straight razor is designed to fold into the handle for proper closing. It is a razor that can be easily transported to other locations because it takes up little room when folded up.

Safety Razor vs Straight Razor


This product had gotten the nickname cut throat razor due to its dangerous and sharp cutting power. It has been known to nick and cut throats of men during a shave. If there is too much pressure put on the blade it can easily cause serious injury.

The straight razor had been a popular choice for manual shaving for centuries. It was an item that purchased for many households throughout history. The straight razor was the only option for shaving until the 19th century.

As the industry developed, another type of razor was invented called the safety razor. The straight razor is still a popular purchase even in today’s society. There are several features that make this a good product to use for shaving.

Straight Razor Care

The care of a straight razor is much different than caring for a safety razor. The straight razor can be used frequently with the proper maintenance. When handling the straight razor, it is important to not drop it or bang it off of any hard surface. This could cause damage to the blade and be and not last as long as expected.

After each use of the straight razor, it is recommended to strop the razor blade for better performance. When stropping the razor blade, it is a good idea to do this approximately 20 times. Once the stropping is done, a cloth can be used to finish cleaning the blade for a nice shine.

Straight Razor Usage

The straight razor can be used daily. Most straight razors are used to shave frequently and work well without losing the cutting edge. The proper care is recommended if the straight blade is used often. Maintaining the straight blade will keep it operable and able to be used for years into the future. Another factor that determines how long the straight razor will be effective is the HRC.

The HRC is a rating that determines the durability and hardness of a blade. This measurement can determine if the straight razor is a strong and sturdy razor that will last for decades or if it is flimsy and will break in the near future. Being able to understand the straight razor HRC can help you choose a long lasting shaving tool.

Straight Razor Storage

Proper storage for the straight blade is important. If the blade is not stored in a good place, it could cause your blade to be less effective. It is important to keep the straight razor in a breathable place with no moisture.

Proper air flow is essential to keeping the blade in use and lasting a long time. When a blade does not have air flow, it can cause the blade to lose shape and lose its cutting ability.

Safety Razors

A safety razor is a newer innovative way to shave without relying on a straight razor. The safety razor was invented in the late 1880’s. It is safer to use because of its protective blades and a curved simple to use the handle.

Safety Razors

The safety razor has several qualities that make it a popular shaving option. Some of the safety razors are disposable and can be thrown away after several uses. There are safety razors that have interchangeable blades for a continued shave. The blades are changed once they become dull and a fresh sharp blade is needed.

These razors are a safer way to shave and are used by women and men across the globe. A safer shave is preferred in many homes and is the second option for people who have no experience using a straight razor.

Safety Razor Design

The design of the safety razor has varied over time. Women safety razors come in a wide range of colors, thickness, and design. The safety razors for men and women have a curved handle for easier shaving.

The head of the razor is where the blade is located. Some razors have more than one blade for a better shave and increased hair removal.

Women razors may come with an aloe strip to keep the skin moisturized while shaving. These different designs have changed over the last century but have kept the same outcome. A fast and inexpensive shave is why people continue to purchase safety razors.

Safety RazorUse

The safety razor can be used several times before needing to change or discard the blade. The blades can be bought in a pack of easily changeable blades. Some safety razors are completely disposable and are thrown away once the razor is dull.

A new razor is taken out of the package and used until it is dull. The use of safety razors can be easier and safer to use but can become costly each year with the amount of blades and razors being purchased.

Safety Razor Care

A safety razor does not need as much care as a straight razor. The razors that require disposable blades should be kept in a dry place. This will keep the blades and the razor from becoming rusty and dirty.

The blades should be kept in a place that has proper air flow and no moisture. The moisture and lack of air can cause damage to the blades. If these blades are used it could irritate the skin and cause infection.

The disposable blades often come in a case or package that keeps them safe until use. It is important to inspect your razor to ensure it is safe to use before shaving. Proper care will keep your skin healthy and offer a close shave with the safety razor.

Final Verdict Safety Razor vs Straight Razor

The straight razor has been around for years and has been a chosen product in many homes. A straight razor provides a close and smooth shave with each use. There are little maintenance and upkeep to ensure that the straight razor is ready for shaving.

The straight razor can be easily stored and transported with little effort. It is suspected that men use a straight razor far more than women. There are women who prefer using a straight razor for a close and superb shave.

The safety razor is more economical because of the safety features and disposable qualities. It does cost more money for upkeep each year than the straight razor. The safety razor can provide a smooth shave but the straight razor is able to remove all hair with little effort. The safety razor can last for several uses before being replaced. The straight razor will last for years without being replaced.

Although both razors provide a remarkable shaving experience, there is one razor that appears to have the best shaving preference. The straight razor has low maintenance cost, long lasting, impeccable shaving ability, and will last longer than disposable safety razors. One last added benefit, it's better for the planet cause you won't be throwing all those disposable parts into landfills.