Naked Armor Donates Premium Razor Kit For Veterans Day

March 03, 2019 2 min read

Naked Armor Donates Premium Razor Kit For Veterans Day

Naked Armor

When Randy Vaughn was put in charge of the first ever Veterans Day celebration for the Gwinnett Medical Center (GMC) in Lawrenceville, Georgia last year, one of the events that he organized was a contest for his fellow veterans.

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An Army veteran of almost 7 years, Vaughn has worked in the Children’s Emergency Room for 11 years. He’s now working with cancer and elderly patients.

“I looked around for nice ideas for prizes. I wanted something that’s durable and high-end. But more importantly, something that my patients would find very useful.”, he said.

Vaughn wrote to us, asking us to donate a straight razor for their contest.

“I know you all have supported veterans in many different ways, so I thought I'd reach out to you. What I am looking for are some really amazing door prizes and I would appreciate your consideration in donating to this celebration.”, he wrote in a email.

Like most veterans, Vaughn knows how an awesome shave can help uplift a person’s outlook in life.

“As a Veteran I know the benefits of a straight razor cut. We had a guy off post that did them and nothing made you feel more human than coming out of a field problem, hopping in a shower, then getting one of his cuts. I was stoked to find you guys on Facebook; I tried to win a razor so I could donate it myself but sadly I didn't win.”

And we did!

We donated one of our best-selling kits, the Solomon Straight Razor Shaving Kit. It has the Solomon Straight Razor together with our own signature artisanal shaving soap. It also comes with a badger-friendly shaving brush, an elegant leather strop, some stropping paste-in short, everything one needs to get a luxurious and complete, close shave.

The winner, Jerry, is a Navy veteran who also works at the hospital for a few times a month. Vaughn took a photo of him holding the elegant wooden box kit that contains each of our Naked Armor shaving kits.

“I was really hoping I would win it but I’m glad Jerry did. He’s so stoked about the awesome kit and can’t wait to learn how to use his new razor. Thank you so much for donating.”, Vaughn said.

In response, Derek Dodds, our Naked Armor founder, had this to say: “We are delighted to have been able to donate this shaving kit to GMC’s first Veteran’s Day Celebrations. We love being able to help our veterans especially with their shaving needs. It’s the least thing we can do to thank them for their service.”

The Solomon Straight Razor Shaving Kit is one of our top-quality razor kits here at Naked Armor. It’s so awesome that it won the premium award for Best Straight Razors of 2018 by Gear Hungry. It’s currently on their Top Ten Best Straight Razors for 2019.

For more quality and world-class razors, check us out now!

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