Is It Better To Shave In The Shower?

May 02, 2018

Is It Better To Shave In The Shower?

It is likely that you fall into one of the two categories, those who shave before and those who prefer shaving before showering.

However, is it better to shave in the shower?

This article goes through the pros and cons of this topic to help you understand and choose the best option.

Much of the difference comes from using an electric shaver or razor and on the benefits of prepping the skin before shaving.

Pros Of Shaving In The Shower

For those who like shaving with a razor or cartridge razors, it is best to shave in the shower. It has more benefits than demerits and the shower sets the environment right for a smooth shave.

Getting Clean

getting clean

Shaving in the shower ensures your skin is clean before shaving and reduces the chances of infecting any cut surface.

Shaving in the shower ensures your skin is clean before shaving and reduces the chances of infecting any cut surface.

The skin will get relaxed in readiness for the shave hence a safe and enjoyable shaving process.

The skin pore will be open helping the razor glide smoothly across even with less shaving cream resulting in a smoother closer shave.

Showering creates the right environment for having. As you soak in the water or steam, your body will get clean and easy to exfoliate when shaving.


As you shave in the shower, it is easier to exfoliate. Men mostly overlook the importance of exfoliating, however, this shaving routine will make it possible and be a part of the grooming process.

Exfoliating is a wonderful process and once you start doing it, you will love it and never want to stop due to the amazing feeling it brings.

The first step to exfoliating will already be done for you when you shower. Otherwise, you would require to use a warm, damp cloth to make the skin warm and relaxed same effect as showering.

From here, you need to use a soft bristle brush to gently scrub your face. This will remove excess dirt, dead skin cells, and oils while exposing the tiny hair trapped under your skin.

When you exfoliate before a shave, you achieve a closer and smoother shave than if you do not.

It reduces the instances of ingrown hairs since the scrub exposes them for cutting. Exfoliating is the secret of youthful, naturally beautiful skin and gives you a soft natural glow.

Prepping The Skin

The best way to prep the skin for shaving is by taking a shower. Showering before a shave is considered the optimal way to prep your skin.

It completely cleans the skin of any grime and pollutants.

A razor over the skin will conduct a deep exfoliation of the surface in addition to cutting the hair.

When done after ashower, the hair shaft will swell and be ready for a closer shave and does not leave you feeling uncomfortable or irritated.

A soft skin after a shower will be easier to shave and the razor will get the hair in just a few passes therefore preventing pulling and tugging on the root that would cause skin irritation.

It is crucial that you shave at the right time when the environment is optimal, but using the right tools is also critical.

Softening Hairs

The facial hair is built differently from the rest of the body hair. Some men have very tough hair almost as strong as copper piping.

Shaving this without prepping can be a tall order. When you shower first, the hair will get softer and easier to shave.

The shower will soak the hair and leave it soft for a smoother closer shave. Showering in warm water and the steam softens the hair all the way to the follicles.

Saves Time

If you use a wet electric shaver or cartridge razor then shaving in the shower is the best option to save time.

You do not have to spend time prepping the skin before shaving all of which can be done effortlessly as you shower.

Cartridge razor will get the job done fast since the razor is already pre-set for the bets cutting angle. The double-edge safety razor, however, is not recommended for shaving in the shower.

Cons Of Shaving In The Shower

Even though there are cons to shaving in the shower, the pros outweigh the cons. It is still very convenient to take your having routine to the shower. There are some cons and ways to work around them.

Electric shavers

If you are used to shaving using an electric shaver, it may be hard doing it in the wet environment of the shower.

Even the shavers that claim to do well in the shower do not do it that well. Electric shavers find it tricky picking wet hair off the skin the way razors do.

This may take you twice as long to finish shaving with the best results. However, if you are determined to use this type of shaver, then use a rotary shaver which catches the hair better.

They are also easy to clean under the shower. It is however, better to stick to your razor or cartridge razor.

Difficult to see

Difficult to see

When in the shower, it can at time be difficult to see what you are doing. The shower may be steamy making most of your shaving a guesswork at best.

This can result in missed patches or make you pass the razor more times over the same area.

This issue may be dealt with by using an anti-fog mirror which will not fog in the shower hence improved visibility.

Damages the razor

Shaving in the shower damages your razor faster than shaving before showering. Many people leave the razor in the shower after shaving or air-drying the razor therefore causing the blade to rust.

It is crucial that you leave the shower with your razor and pat dry it with a towel to prevent rusting.

Bottom Line

Is It Better To Shave In The Shower?

It is fun shaving after a hot shower and the benefits are many. However, if you are pressed for time, you can take a quick shave without the shower but with the right tools.

Those with thick facial hair will require time to soak it and the best way to do this is in the shower as it will save you time.

Shaving in the shower ensures you get a smother and loser shave better than just using soap or shaving cream on a dry skin. It is however left to your preferences to shave before or while in the shower.

So, is it better to shave in the shower?

There is no absolute answer to this question, just a solution with more benefits and less cons which is to shave in the shower as much as you can.


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