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Applying an aftershave can be done right and easily without slapping it on your face.

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Using an aftershave is an essential step after shaving to help soothe the skin and prevent
skin infections.

Not all men who use razors for their beards apply an aftershave. Since it is not widely considered necessary to include in a shaving ritual, not all of them know what aftershave is or often confuse it with cologne. Both have different purposes.

As the name implies, it is a shaving product being applied to the face after shaving to hydrate and disinfect your skin. Any minor cuts and nicks will be disinfected once you used an aftershave. It will prevent acne-causing bacteria from invading the skin’s deep layer, which leads to unwanted infections.

However, some men experience extreme irritation with the rashy feeling on their freshly shaved skin when being used. You can address this concern first and foremost by identifying the culprit of itchy and painful red bumps.

You can learn more about the common aftershave ingredients that cause this irritation. Mainly it is due to alcohol present in your aftershave that gives rise to stinginess. Shaving makes tiny cuts on your face, and when it comes to contact with alcohol, it stings and burns. Well, there is a science involved in why alcohol burns on a cut.

Don’t get me wrong. This article does not give you a reason to quit using an aftershave because of the alcohol present. Besides, it is not being included in aftershave ingredients for nothing since alcohol has antimicrobial properties.

However, you can still use aftershaves while escaping irritation and burning sensation with the right ingredients that will suit all skin types. The good news is that you don’t have to deal with the stinginess of every application. It is your choice to pick from the available aftershaves in the market that use organic ingredients that perform as excellent as alcohol for your skin.

Getting yourself any of our Long Rifle Aftershave collection is a smart solution. Don’t forget to check the ingredients to have an idea. You can also make a DIY Aftershave using natural and uncomplicated ingredients if you would prefer that.

If you never had an aftershave before or you’re considering using one, I hope by now you already know what’s best to opt for.

In this article, you will learn:

Address skin drying and irritation using the right aftershave. Organic ingredients will always be the best and the safest.

The skin tends to dry after shaving, so it needs a friend that will re-hydrate it. Using an aftershave helps in keeping your skin healthy while also preventing skin infection or irritation.

— D'Rock, Naked Armor Founder

Knowing Your Skin Type

It is essential to know your skin type to know what kind of aftershave is safe for your skin, and you will be comfortable using it. You can read more about aftershave balm, aftershave lotion, and aftershave splash differences to be guided better.

Here are some guidelines to know what type of skin you have.

Normal skin
You have normal skin if your T-zone (forehead, chin, and nose) has overall balanced moisture and sebum. Your skin is neither too dry nor too oily and has a radiant complexion. It has a regular texture and soft appearance. Spots and blemishes are also hardly visible, making your skin appear healthy. In this case, you could use an aftershave balm or any mild splash.

Dry skin
Your skin can peel, crack, or become itchy, inflamed, or irritated. If it’s very dry, it can become scaly and rough. When you use skincare or shaving products, your skin also happens to break out in a rash. If you have sensitive skin, you’ll need to consider using aftershave with ingredients such as beeswax and aloe vera that hydrate and moisturize your skin.

Oily skin
Oily skin is the easiest to distinguish. Your face appears persistently shiny or greasy due to the excess oil. It is caused by excessive fat production by sebaceous glands as one of the effects of hormonal or genetic causes. Oily skin also attracts dust and dirt, making it prone to acne and PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) due to the clogged and congested pores. There are techniques to shave acne-prone skin, and in this case, you will also want an aftershave splash.

Benefits of Aftershave

“A well-chosen aftershave can help to prevent the discomfort that may occur following a shave. Shaving can remove the outermost layer of your skin. That can create irritation and dryness. Applying aftershave provides protection and lubrication for your skin.”
- Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD

Including application of aftershave in your shaving routine delivers a wide variety of benefits. It may not be widely known to be necessary, but it has become essential for some men. Here are some of the many reasons they decide to keep using aftershave and why you should too.

It is hygienic.

Using aftershaves is hygienic considering the antibacterial properties present in the ingredients. Skin infections may occur if your pores become clogged with microbes and other debris. Luckily, aftershaves address this concern. These agents with antifungal and antibacterial properties will help kill the bacteria and prevent them from entering the skin’s deep layer, which reduces the risk of skin problems such as acne and ingrown hairs.

Did you know that aftershaves can help boost confidence and make you feel good about yourself?

It moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated.

Besides the cuts and nicks, constant shaving makes the skin look dry. As an effect, it can irritate the skin if left without using an aftershave. Natural ingredients such as aloe vera and chamomile decrease dry spots and produce a light, moisture-preserving veil for long-lasting hydration. An aftershave is worth your money as it is an excellent aid in nourishing your skin and making it look more enhanced.

It adds a pleasant smell to your skin.

Aftershaves are different from colognes but not quite in the aspect of scents and fragrances. There is a wide variety of fragrances added to aftershaves available in the market that you can choose from. Essential oils such as lavender, green tea, and cedarwood are natural ingredients used for scent. Applying aftershave can make you feel great and confident.

The Easy and Right Way to Use Aftershave

Follow these steps to use aftershave effectively.

  1. Follow your usual shaving routine. Once you complete your shave, use cold water to wash your face clean. The cold water helps to fill out your visible wrinkles and slows down the process of aging. It unclogs the pores that get opened up, and it allows for protection when the skin gets exposed to the sun’s harmful rays.
  2. Make sure to dry your face thoroughly with a clean hand towel. Keep in mind to not rub the towel on your skin because it can cause skin damage, and you do not want that.
  3. Pour out about a dime-sized amount of aftershave product of your choice into your palm. Rub the aftershave into both of your hands in a circular motion to spread it evenly. This step is necessary for flawless application.
  4. Start applying gently on the face, especially in the most sensitive and freshly shaved areas, starting at the cheekbones down to your jawline. Apply on your chin, upper lips, and finish up by applying on the neck area.
  5. Consider applying a second coat since some aftershaves tend to dry out fast.

Go For Luxurious and Natural Aftershave

Naked Armor produces the most luxurious aftershaves that are gentle and nourish your skin. We guarantee the use of only natural ingredients and essential oils that leaves your skin supple, hydrated, and clean. That is because we prioritize your utmost satisfaction with your shaving experience. Achieve a luxurious finish in your shaving ritual with our aftershaves.

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