How To Use A Scuttle Shaving Mug

How To Use A Scuttle Shaving Mug

How To Use A Scuttle Shaving Mug

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Hot shaving with a frothy lather can be truly rewarding!

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Investing in a scuttle will help you save from the barber expenses you usually incur.

But while you can always visit a barber to get it done, you can also buy your very own shaving scuttle and learn how to use a shaving mug or scuttle to have a relaxing shave every time you want to.

We would recommend you to do the latter because it saves a huge chunk of your time and money. But with so many shaving scuttles out there, which one should you choose? Also, even when you get the scuttle, how exactly do you use one?

Well, in case you are a newbie who is wondering how to use a shaving scuttle, here is everything you need to know:

What Is A Shaving Scuttle

A shaving scuttle is a small bowl with a separate space for warm water to make a shaving froth for a quick shave.

Unless you are not into wet shaving or if you are among the few who ditched the shaving gels and foams, you would not come across shaving scuttles. After all, it is most commonly used for lathering shave soap, if not as a lavatory decoration.

Nonetheless, here you are. So, what exactly is a shaving scuttle?

Shaving scuttles are the more improved version of a traditional shaving mug. It has a teapot design with two compartments—one where you put in hot water and one where you can create the lather. The heat from the hot water will keep your lather warm instead of dipping the shaving brush in warm water to reheat the foam.

A shaving scuttle not only makes the shave easier but it also makes it comfortable and more luxurious.

Most of the scuttles are made from ceramic with excellent thermal properties, making them durable when in contact with hot water, as well as being able to stay heated while you are shaving. This, then, allows you to have a warm, soothing, and luxurious shaving experience than what you would have if you were just to use pre-made shaving foams.

How To Use A Shaving Scuttle?

Some people would think that using a scuttle is similar to how to use a shaving mug. But, we beg to differ. Although shaving mugs and shaving scuttles can look similar, they have very different purposes and ways of usage.

Below is a simple guide to teach you how to use a shaving scuttle properly:

How to Use a Shaving Scuttle

1. Fill up the inner chamber with hot water

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using lukewarm water for washing the face. Hence, the ideal temperature of the water you will fill up your scuttle with should be around 84℉ to 115℉. Do not pour boiling water into your shaving scuttle because it will damage the bristles of your shaving brush when your foam is heated too much and even burn your skin.

It would also be best to avoid using water above the said temperature. It can deflate the lather because it is too hot. After all, what you are after is a warm foam. Hence, opt for lukewarm water.

Dr. Roberta Del Campo, a dermatologist from Florida, says in an interview with NBC News that “warm water is always best as hot can strip the skin of its natural oils, and cold does not allow the pores to open to remove dirt.”

Warm water is also great for avoiding razor burns. It helps open up the pores, preventing them from getting clogged, which may lead to inflammation. Also, it conditions the hair, opening up the cuticles, which let the hair absorb more of the nutrients from the soap, making it easier for your straight razor to bite through.

2. Seal the chamber by putting the cork in

Even boiling water drops temperature if left unattended. If you want to keep your water warm to heat up your foam continuously, you will have to seal the chamber of your shaving scuttle with a cork.

The cork is technically what you will use to trap the steam from the water, preventing it from getting cold. This will help maintain the temperature of your water throughout your shaving process. And if it was to drop, it would take longer than if you would keep the water uncovered.

3. Drop your shaving soap puck in the bowl, and add a little bit of water

After setting the heat of your scuttle, it is now time to prep it for lathering shaving creams or more preferably shaving soaps. No, you are not to use the same soap for your body or face. What you will need is an actual soap made for shaving.

Shaving soaps are hard soaps that contain lots of high-fat content and have low alkalinity, making them ideal for creating a thick shaving foam. They are more ecological and last long, especially if you get a good-quality organic shaving soap. However, if you buy something with harmful ingredients like artificial emulsifiers, fragrances, and colorings, your skin gets irritated.

To use a shaving soap, you will place the soap in your scuttle and drop a bit of water on top to moisten it. Then start whipping it to create a lather. You can check our guide on lathering shave soap to get a more extensive idea of how to do this.

4. Whisk with your shaving brush until a frothy lather forms

Now, take your shaving soap, preferably a handmade, organic soap, and drop it in the bowl. Using your shaving brush, gently whisk it until you create a warm, bubbly lather that you can apply to your beard.

Another way to fill your scuttle is by placing it on a coffee warmer. Once you fill your shave mug with warm water, soak your brush for a couple of seconds, and then pour this perfectly heated water into your scuttle's inner chamber and seal the heat in with the cork. This method is particularly ingenious as it lets you whisk up a warm lather that continues to stay warm till the very end.

Not only does it feel good, but it also works excellently well.

Finally, the third and laziest method is to bring your scuttle to the shower and fill it with warm water while showering. You can then dunk the soap in and create a good lather which you can use to smother your face.

Once the scuttle is filled with warm water, dip your razor and your shaving brush in it.

This will not only warm the razor, but it’ll also soften the bristles of your shaving brush. After this, get your shaving puck and place it on your soap tray.

Do it this way so that it keeps decently warm. From this point on, you can take a quick shower. In case you’re not up for one, wait at least ten minutes before you start shaving.

Note to the user: Always use high-quality shaving brushes because the low-quality variants tend to melt if kept in hot water for too long. This is because most of these cheap brushes are held in place with cheap gum or polymers.

Difference Of Shaving Scuttles From Mugs And Bowls

One of the reasons why some people steer away from using traditional wet shaving methods, especially with a straight razor, is because the method is a craft itself. There are different kinds of razors, and other accessories, like scuttles, mugs, and bowls.

There is no doubt that terms can be confusing for beginners. But trust us, once you get to know every detail, you will get hooked and will want to learn more. So now, let us help you learn about the difference between shaving scuttles from mugs and bowls and which one you should get.

Simply put, shaving mugs are the earliest kind of shaving scuttles. It looks like a typical mug but is made of higher-grade ceramic, which is great for maintaining the water’s temperature if you do not have a budget. Meanwhile, a shaving bowl works similarly to a shaving mug. It also looks like a typical bowl. However, it is more durable since it is thicker and heavier than the regular bowl in your kitchen.

What makes a scuttle better and different than a mug or a bowl for shaving is its two compartments—one for holding the water and another for the lather. Since shaving mugs and bowls can only hold either foam or water at a time, it is not entirely efficient. And even if you are using it to hold the lather of shaving soap, the foam will still get colder faster.

And do not forget your shaving brushes.

Shaving mugs are just your typical mug where you can create your lather and put your
shaving brush.

What makes a scuttle better and different than a mug or a bowl for shaving is its two compartments—one for holding the water and another for the lather.

— D'Rock, Naked Armor Founder

Is A Shaving Scuttle Worth It?

You might think that investing in shaving scuttles is not a practical choice. But, having a scuttle is necessary if you are using shaving soap. Also, even if you prefer using gels and canned foams, a scuttle will help keep it at the most calming temperature for your shaving routine.

To truly enjoy the luxuries of using a scuttle, you need to find a good quality one. The functions of your scuttle will usually depend on the brand you choose.

What you are looking for is a functional, lightweight scuttle that has a hollow interior. It would also be best if there are horizontal ridges and vertical bars and that the hot water chamber has a cork and can hold at least 10 oz of water.

For instance, the Savanna Scuttle Shaving Mug comes loaded with simple and incredibly functional features stated above, which will simplify your shave and make it hassle-free. Unlike many other products, its cork is all-natural and environmentally friendly. Its lightweight body made of high-quality ceramic makes it easier for you to hold the scuttle with one hand. Meanwhile, its horizontal ridges catch soap in the middle of the brush bristles for creating a thick lather, which you can smother on your beard and mustache.

Another great choice would be the Silver Fox Scuttle Shaving Mug. It is exactly reminiscent of modern, contemporary, and industrialized shaving paraphernalia. Unlike a quintessential scuttle, the Silver Fox is made of durable stainless steel, making it extra lightweight over its ceramic counterpart. It has an inner chamber that can keep your foam warm for more than ten minutes, and a bowl deep enough to hold shaving cream for three full passes. Most importantly, the Silver Fox also has ridges on the bowl to add tension to the brush for a thicker lather.

The takeaway? Shaving scuttles are worth it if you can find a good one, like the ones we have here in Naked Armor. Not only will a scuttle help you achieve a more luxurious and comforting shaving experience, but the warm foam from your scuttle will also help prevent razor burns and help keep your skin moisturized.

So, what are you waiting for? Click add to cart below.

Savanna Scuttle Shaving Mug | Brush & Soap Kit

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