How to Save Water When Shaving

March 22, 2020 4 min read

How to Save Water When Shaving

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Did you know that wet shaving can actually waste water?

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Wet shaving can have a large water footprint

Next to a shower, shaving can have a large water footprint. Your daily shaving routine can waste up to ten gallons per shave. And while that may not be enough to cripple water conservation, reducing your personal water consumption can go a long way in helping stop an impending water crisis.

The United States is one of the nine countries which contain more than half of the world’s water supply. But with climate change causing more droughts and pollution slowly decreasing the availability of fresh drinking water, water is going to be a more precious resource. That’s why we need to conserve it anyway we can.

But because we love to wet shave, we can’t do away with it. Say what you will, but wet shaving helps us start our day right.

The good news is, we can still wet shave without wasting water. Here’s how to save water when shaving.

How to save water when wet shaving

TIP 1. Turn the Faucet Off When Shaving

While the sound of water running from the faucet can add an auditory comfort to the shaving experience, this is totally a wasteful habit.

Turn the faucet off and only run it in short bursts to rinse the razor or slow dribbles to add water to your shaving brush if necessary.

This is not just about wasting water. It’s also about conserving energy. That’s because most of the energy that is consumed goes towards heating the water. For example, according to a Slate article, most of us use at least a quarter of hot water for shaving. This requires 0.04 kilowatt-hours to heat that much volume of water. If we shave at least five times a week, our hot water will cost us 10.4 kilowatts-hours annually.

TIP 2. Be Creative

Find ways to cut down on wasteful water consumption whenever possible.

For instance, if you’re boiling water for your morning coffee, use that same hot water to warm up a shaving bowl that’s filled with cold tap water. This way, your shaving brush will not be damaged by the sudden application of extreme heat. You can use that bowl as your rinse water for your razor, too.

If you have a bowl that holds about 20 oz max of water, it would net you about 30 oz of water that you can use for wetting the brush, lathering, and rinsing the razor afterwards.

TIP 3. Use a Scuttle

If you think getting a scuttle is too lavish an accessory for your shaving routine, then think again.

A scuttle will help you save water and energy because it will hold the hot temperature longer than a traditional shaving bowl. This means you don’t have to get a hot refill often. Plus, the fact that warm lather makes shaving even more luxurious is basically icing on the cake. And when you’re done, you can use the cooled water in the scuttle’s inner chamber to rinse off your razor.

Naked Armor's Savanna Scuttle Shaving Mug

TIP 4. Use a Synthetic Brush

Unlike a badger hair shaving brush, a synthetic brush doesn't need plenty of soaking in order to be able to make a luxurious lather. And that's the beauty of it. You won't have to constantly dip the brush in warm water so that it remains wet. It also dries easily, so it makes storing it convenient as well.

Naked Armor's synthetic shave brush made from Futura technology

Shaving need not be wasteful. When we are conscious of how we use an important resource such as water, it can also be the key in how we adapt to climate change.

— Derek Dodds, Naked Armor Founder

TIP 5. Fill the Sink with a Quarter of Water

You don’t really need a full sink for the duration of your shave. A few inches is enough to re-wet your mug when needed before making another pass.

When you’re done, use the remaining water to wash off your brush and straight razor. Finish off with a quick run under the tap for a couple of seconds. Shake to remove the extra moisture away and swipe it on a clean, dry towel.

TIP 6. Get a Naked Armor Savanna Scuttle Shaving Mug Kit

Here at Naked Armor, we take pride in making sure that our products are not only made using eco-friendly materials but are also designed to help make your shaving environmentally friendly.

Our scuttle has vertical bars that keep your brush from sliding towards freedom and horizontal ridges that catch the soap between the brush bristles which helps create a thick and luxurious lather.

The kit also comes with a badger-friendly brush to whisk the soap. This is the nice thing about our brushes; unlike soft badger brushes, they are very stiff and allow you to get enough tension going to create a great lather.

Naked Armor's Savanna Scuttle Shaving Mug Kit

Green Shaving

See, shaving need not be wasteful. When we are conscious of how we use an important resource such as water, it can also be the key in how we adapt to climate change.

Last Sunday, the whole world celebrated World Water Day. In an era where climate change is threatening the availability of drinking water for everyone, we owe it to ourselves to do everything that we can, no matter how small, in order to conserve and protect our water resources.

If you’re looking for eco-friendly products to help you on your green shaving journey, check out our site.


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