How Often Should You Shave Your Face?

July 31, 2018

How Often Should You Shave Your Face?

Shaving your face is an essential part of personal grooming. It does not matter whether you like your beard long or short.

Shaving or trimming your facial helps you to look groomed and polished. When it comes to shaving your face, you need to make sure that you have a good shaving kit.

A facial cream, soap and a brush are essential for facial grooming.

Using is a straight razor is good or removing all the facial hair completely. A straight razor reminds you of the old school way of shaving. Just as our fathers used to do it.

It offers satisfaction that you cannot get from the modern razors for shaving.

A straight razor cuts your hair right from the root, and this helps you to achieve a clean look. If you want the military kind of shave, the straight razor is an excellent option to consider. Moreover, this razor will last you a lifetime.

All you need to do is to sharpen it once in a while to keep it sharp and polished. If you want to shave at home, invest in a good quality straight razor and make your job easy.

But how often should you shave your face…….

Daily Shaving

You can opt to shave your face daily if you want to maintain a hairless face. Daily shaving will help you to maintain a clean and smooth face.

Once you decide to do daily shaving, you need to allocate some time in your morning routine for shaving. Daily shaving requires you to shave every day before you go to work.

Unfortunately, if you want to maintain a smooth face and a hairless face, shaving in the evening does not work.

If you shave in the evening, you will notice that feel that you have not shaved for a long time.

For people with a lot of facial hair, daily shaving is the best way to maintain a smooth look. If your career requires you to keep a clean look, then you might want to consider shaving every morning.

Shaving your face every day will not just help you get rid of your facial hair.

It is also an excellent way to take care of your face and avoid the dead skin. When you shave in the morning, you will also be taking care of your face.

It is essential to use good quality products when shaving every day to avoid razor bumps.

Skipping A Day Or Two

Sometimes you do not need to shave your face every day. It is okay to skip a day or two before you shave.

Skipping a day or two will allow your hair to grow before you shave. If you do not mind some facial hair on your face, then you might want to let your face to heal before you shave.

Shaving every other day is advisable for people who do not have very dense hair. Skipping a day will not allow your facial hair to grow more than necessary.

People with sensitive skin understand that shaving every day can be harsh on the skin. Razor bumps are common, and the skin becomes scared when you shave every day.

Fortunately, it is possible to keep your skin looking and feeling great by skipping a day of shaving.

When you skip a day of shaving, you will allow your skin to recuperate from the razor marks. You can also save the time that you use in shaving every day to do other essential activities and skin care.

You do not have to shave your beard every day to look neat.


Shaving Once A Week

It is possible to shave once a week if you do not care about the smooth look on your face. If your goal is to stay groomed without necessarily achieving a smooth face, then weekly shaving is not a bad idea.

For people who are not into formal jobs or strict jobs, then shaving once a week is a good idea. Most of the people who shave once a week do it during the weekend.

Shaving once a week will give you a rugged look without making you look unkempt.

If your hair does not grow at a fast rate, then you need to consider weekly shaving. Some men prefer some facial hair, and this means that weekly hair is the best way to grow some facial hair over the week.

When doing weekly shaving, you need to make sure that you trim the hair around the neck and nose.

Doing this will help you look polished even if you do not shave your beard every day. If you shave weekly, you do not have to do it at home.

You can go to your barber for professional shaving at least once a week.

Professional Shaving

Trimming Only No Shaving

You do not have to shave your beard ever!!!

Yes, you have heard it right. There are men you choose to grow their beard instead of shaving it often. Growing a beard is considered an act of manliness. However, growing a beard is not as easy as it seems.

You need to make sure that you are ready to grow the beard to achieve a healthy looking beard.

When you decide to grow your beard, make sure that you invest in a beard kit. The kit is essential for keeping your beard groomed and presentable.

Just because you have a long beard, it does not mean that you should keep it unkempt. You need to make sure that you shampoo your beard regularly and also use good beard oil.

When keeping a long beard, it is also advisable to trim your beard. You can trim your beard to make sure that you get rid of the rough edges. Trimming is very different from shaving your beard.

With trimming, you have to be delicate when doing it. Unlike shaving, you do not need to have a razor or a shaver. You need to make sure that you have good trimming scissors.


The question about how often you should shave is relative. Many factors will determine how often you will shave.

Some of the factors include your style, hair density and also your career.


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