History of Shaving + Infographic

December 15, 2016

History of Shaving

The world of shaving has changed over the past few decades, in some ways for the better and in many other ways for the worse.

When we consider the fact that men are no longer forced to resort to plucking their beards out of their face one hair at a time, or painfully scraping away at their faces with shells, rocks or a device that looked like a pick axe. Well, it quickly becomes quite obvious just how much technology has improved our daily shave.

On the other hand, while the advent of disposables and cartridge razors may have dramatically simplified shaving, these inventions are more about convenience than they are quality.

In this sense, it's easy to argue that for the average man, shaving has actually gotten worse in recent decades, not better.

That is, unless that man happens to be part of the rapidly growing community of dedicated wet shavers; a man that understands that you can't put a price on quality and that speed and convenience are not the only important things in life.

Enjoy the history of shaving.

History of Shaving