Does Shaving Cause Acne?

June 19, 2018

Does Shaving Cause Acne?

Like many other kids, I used to admire shaving whenever I saw older people doing so. However, everything changed when my time came.

I regretted my first moment. The pimples and the dry skin that came with the weekly shaves were too embarrassing and bothering. I was stuck thinking about whether to continue with the shaving or put a stop to it.

We all dream for that clean look, and shaving the facial hair is one way to achieve it. Therefore, my only option was to seek ways to counterattack the shortcomings and not make peace with them.

Does shaving cause acne? And if so, is there anything one can do about it?

These are the two questions that most people ask. Therefore, without saying much, I will continue and answer them.

Does Shaving Cause Acne?


Acne is a disease that afflicts many people around the world, especially at puberty. And to answer your big question, my answer is yes.

Shaving triggers acne or in other words, acne related pimples. Especially, when one has an extra-sensitive skin, the pimples are likely to show up after a good shave.

Therefore, finding ways to prevent the after-shave results is the best thing one can do to ensure that acne doesn’t become an issue to them. However, don’t confuse between acne and razor bumps.

A lot of people use the terms interchangeably. But, the two words are entirely different.

On the one hand, pimples are caused by bacteria that clog the skin pore. On the other hand, razor bumps are caused by ingrown hair.

However, understanding how to prevent razor bumps is a big step towards fighting acne because razor bumps trigger acne in the long run.

What To Do Before The Shave

1. Take Sanitary Measures

Taking the proper sanitary measure is one way to help in preventing acne. It may sound obvious, but we sometimes find ourselves forgetting. Therefore, ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly before proceeding to the face.

This routine kills the bacteria that would otherwise end up in the face. Also, get used to washing your face regularly, at least twice a day or any time you get sweaty as this helps in washing away the bacteria.

2. Use A Toner

By now, you understand that acne is caused by blocked pores. Therefore, it can only be cleared by cleaning out the dirt.

Applying a toner is one way to unclog the pores. The toner gets deep in the pores and extracts all the dirt and grime that may trigger the condition.

3. Exfoliate Lightly


Getting rid of the dead skin cells on the face cleans it hence eliminating the chance of bacteria transfer and thus prevent the acne from occurring in the first place.

Therefore, it is important to exfoliate your face at least once a day, or before a shave using a gentle face scrub or a wet cloth soaked with beard oil.

4. Hot Towel Treatment

A moist and warm towel treatment is important before a shave. It helps in moisturizing the skin while opening up the pores and hence preventing acne.

5. Splash Warm Water On Your Face

Use of cold water to shave is a known cause of irritation and acne in the end. Therefore, it is advisable to splash warm water on your face before the shave because it helps in opening up the pores, and soften the skin.

Besides, the warm water makes it easy to shave while eliminating the irritations that may result.

splash warm water on your face

6. Use A Pre-shave Oil

Having in mind that it is the oils that clog the pores hence the acne, you may ask why we have to use the pre-shave oil.

The answer is that not all the oils mean harm. With the right pre-shave oil, you’re sure to keep your skin soft and ready for the shave. Besides, some of these oils actually fight bacteria which causes acne.

During the shave

1. Get The Right Shaving Cream

Applying the wrong shaving cream or gel is one of the major causes of acne. Therefore, it is advisable to check for a gentle and non-irritating cream and that gives you a thin layer of protection for better results.

Also, avoid using your hand to apply the cream. Instead, use a shaving brush. The brush exfoliates the skin while providing a rich rather. Besides, it prevents the spread of bacteria that happens when one uses the hands.

2. Shave With A Light Hand

We all know that applying too much pressure during the shave is one of the few ways that can trigger acne. Therefore, unless acne works well with you, it is essential to apply little or no pressure at all during the shave.

3. Don’t Rush The Shave

don't rush the shave

I always discourage those last minutes shaves. After all, shaving is not a race and should never be rushed. You should take time to carry out this vital task.

As a result, you protect yourself from careless cuts, and irritation which may lead to acne in the long run.

4. Rinse The Razor After Each Stroke

I understand this sounds tiring, but you better get used to it. Practice rinsing your razor after every stroke to remove the shaving cream, dead skin cells, and hair.

The tactic helps a lot in reducing the irritations as well as acne in the end.

5. Check On The Razor Quality

Using the wrong razor or a low-quality razor is a leading cause of irritation. As I said before, the irritations trigger acne in the long run.

Therefore, why can’t you prevent all this from occurring in the first place by ensuring that you use the right blade? For instance, never use a dull razor.

6. Shave In The Right Direction

We both know that shaving against the grain or in other words against the direction of hair growth gives a smooth cut. However, did you know that that is not the correct approach? Probably, you had no clue.

Therefore, it is high time you knew and started shaving in the direction that your hair grows. This technique will help prevent irritations which we all know cause acne.

After the shave

1. Moisturize Your Face

moisturize your face

By now you know that moisturizing the skin keeps it soft. The same moisturizing should also be done after the shave. Aloe and baby oil are some of the good aftershaves that you can apply.

Also, you can check for other options available but ensure that your choice has a low alcohol content as this helps in reducing irritations.

2. Use An Aftershave Balm

The aftershave balms help much when it comes to soothing the irritations that occur after a shave. However, most of these balms eliminate any bacteria that may be left on your skin after the shave.

You should know that aftershave balms are made of natural ingredients. Therefore, they work well with most natural oils that you use.

3. Check Out For Remedies To Treat Razor Bumps

By following the correct shaving procedure, you are unlikely to experience any razor bumps. However, in case they occur, you are encouraged to check out for tips on how to cure them.

The understanding will help you clear away the bumps which we both know causes acne in the long run.

4. Clean Your Blade Thoroughly

During a shave, the exfoliated dead skin cells get trapped in between the blades. Although the rinsing after every stroke washes away the dead cells, it is advisable to clean the blades thoroughly after the shave.

In fact, use an alcohol wipe after the whole cleaning to ensure that your razor remains pure and ready for the next shave.

clean your blade

5. Use Face Masks Regularly

Yes, I know this step sounds so girlish, but you can also utilize it for the sake of that handsome look. Often, use face masks. This remedy helps in reducing oils, and tighten your pores. In the end, it prevents the occurrence of acne.

6. Don’t Store Your Razor In The Shower

Most of us, if not all, store our razors in the washroom because that’s where all the business takes place.

However, you should avoid doing so because the steam from the shower is likely to make your blade rusty and we all know what this means to your shave. Besides, storing the razor in the shower reduces its life.


About 85 percent of the world’s population is affected by acne. Shaving is one of the few activities that accelerate the condition. However, understanding how to go about with the activity can help a lot in preventing the acne from occurring in the first place.

In this article, I have provided some precautions that you should take before, during and after a simple shave. By following the guidelines, you are likely to kiss acne goodbye and get that beauty.

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