Benefits Of Using A Straight Razor

Benefits Of Using A Straight Razor

Benefits of Using A Straight Razor

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Straight razors can be intimidating with their cut-throat sharpness.

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Switching from a disposable razor to a
straight razor has many benefits not just for you but for the envinronment as well.

Aside from its irresistible classic Hollywood vintage charm, what else propels this traditional shaving tool back in the modern spotlight? The secret lies in the benefits of using a straight razor.

A straight razor is a shaving tool that goes beyond history. It originated in the ancient civilization of Egypt, providing for the elite’s grooming needs. It is traditionally made of stainless steel blade attached to a resin-treated wooden handle through a pin.

However, thanks to King Camp Gillette's pioneering disposable safety razors, straight razors slowly became vintage paraphernalia only professional barbers enjoyed.

But today, straight razors are making a comeback. Aside from film sensationalism, people are beginning to realize and appreciate it as a better alternative to its plastic counterpart.

So, why should you choose a straight razor? Here are the main benefits of using a straight razor:

Better Blade Quality

The primary function of razors is to help manage the hairs on the body. For men, razors are essential to groom their facial hairs. It is hard to achieve a well-styled beard or have a clean-shaven face using razors with a dull blade.

That is why manufacturers of straight razors never compromise on the quality of their blades. Some even go beyond and use acclaimed materials, such as Japanese Steel, which people use to create samurai blades.

These blades have 61-65 HRC sharpness ratings and are imported in large sheets and with blades cut out by hand. Also, since they are cut by hand, it creates a more accurately defined blade than when it is mass-produced as disposable razors.

Naked Armor's Solomon Straight Razors are made from Japanese Steel blade with algum wood handle.

Meanwhile, disposable razors have affordability as their goal since they are only for one or limited usage. So, to meet the market’s desired price, they have to adjust their cost, which would limit their capability to use high-quality steel.

Shifting to a straight razor and ditching the plastic cartridge counterpart means you get a significantly better blade quality. Straight razors are notorious for their cut-throat sharpness, meaning they went through a rigorous process involving forging, hardening, tempering, and grinding to achieve optimum blade resilience. Simply put, you can guarantee that your blade will last a lifetime.

Closer And Better Shave

With having to shave often, convenience paved the way for the creation of multi-blade disposable razors. This is perfect for men on the go. They can use it before they go to the office, and bring it with them during travel. The demand for this arose when commercials instilled in the consumers that the more blades there are, the closer the shave you can get.

Such a notion, however, is not accurate. The most common multi-blade razor with three blades works like this: the first blade pulls up the hair follicles, the second one cuts them, and the third is to make sure that no hair strands are left uncut.

It might make sense when you think about it because of the added assurance brought about by the third blade. However, letting you cut more hair in a single swipe is not directly related to the closeness of the shave you are getting.

Like a straight razor, a single-blade razor greatly reduces the blade friction compared to a multi-blade razor. It will also let you shave at different angles, which helps since facial hair grows in varying facial structures and shapes. Adjusting different angles is the secret to getting the closest shave possible.

On the contrary, multi-blade razors create friction on your skin. The blades with different levels of sharpness and thickness pointing at different angles disturb your skin through friction as you shave. As a result, you will experience razor burn, nicks, and bumps, which you want to avoid if you are looking for a flawless finish.

So if you are still indecisive between the two, their differences are elaborated further in this article.

You deserve to use a handcrafted tool, not a plastic spoon with tiny amounts of manly steel. Shave like a boss. Shave with a straight razor.

— D-rock, Naked Armor Founder

Steel Over Plastic

You may not have thought about this before, but the weight of your razor does affect the way you shave. And lighter does not always mean better.

Straight razors are heavier than disposable ones since they are either made of steel blade and handle or steel blade and a wooden handle. Most men would prefer that their razors are heavier because it tends to be easier to shave—especially on downward strokes.

However, the matter is not only whether or not the razor is heavy. It is also about your ability to handle it when using all the different angles in shaving. Naked Armor straight razors are hand-made tools forged from steel and wood. It is designed to give you the perfect grip for an ideally more effortless shaving experience.

You deserve to use a handcrafted tool, not a plastic spoon with tiny amounts of manly steel. Shave like a boss. Shave with a straight razor.

Learning A New Skill As A Hobby

Wet shaving with a straight razor eludes a delicate process. At first, men were intimidated after shifting to this traditional technique. Eventually, the process of shaving using a straight razor left them charmed, needing to learn more and become an enthusiast.

With a straight razor, men began to enjoy shaving. It is no longer a boring task they need to get done in the morning, simply to look presentable. The more they shave, the more skilled they get.

There are various reasons why you get hung up on this method of shaving. First of all, it is a classic. Yes, some decades ago, it may have been surpassed by the convenience brought by disposable razors, but undeniably a straight razor brings class to those who use them. At a certain point in time, this was even considered a luxury service.

Second, you are free to do your shave the way you would want to do it. There are no limiting standards or guidelines that would prevent you from trying new things. This leads us to the third benefit of using a straight razor—you can experiment. You and your straight razor will be like buddies out on a quest to achieve that perfect shave that is best suited for you.

Lastly, the gears make it more fun. Shoelaces also spark up a shoe collector. A motorcycle aficionado will also be hyped up by cool decals and accessories. The different tools needed for your straight razor will also add to the exciting method this type of razor offers. It will never be boring, from the shaving of your face up to the maintenance of your blades. The fun even goes up to the aftershave.

More Environmentally Friendly

With all the different establishments in the world trying to go green—paper and eco-bag rather than plastic bags, bamboo and metal straws instead of plastic ones, reusable lunch packs instead of disposable containers—it is also time to shift shaving routines to being kinder to the environment.

Disposable razors are made mostly from plastic. Even the packaging they come wrapped in is made of plastic and is highly challenging to open. That said, whenever you throw away a disposable razor, you are contributing to landfill.

Meanwhile, straight razors can last a hundred years. Quality straight razors can even be passed down to the next generation when taken care of with proper maintenance and sharpening.

Naked Armor complete kits come packaged in a beautiful wooden box—no plastic packaging to throw away and an awesome box to keep for your goodies.

Benefits of a straight razor

Benefits of a straight razor


In the beginning, buying a straight razor can feel like a splurge. Years of using dollar-store disposable safety razors may seem like a cheap steal. But if you add every money you spent on buying a piece or two of these plastics and compare it to how much you need to buy a straight razor, it is more or less likely to be the same.

Also, since this type of razor and method of shaving have long been considered luxurious, many would get intimidated and think that this is expensive. At one point, when you start, there will be a higher cash outflow compared to buying disposable razors in bulk; however, let us give it a look on a long-term basis.

An excellent straight razor would cost you about $90.00. But a better plan is to equip yourself with the complete kit. The kits come with everything you need to get started, along with soap, brush, and strop for sharpening—along with a few other items.

  • Japanese Steel Blade
  • Leather Travel Case
  • Leather Strop
  • Badger-Friendly Shaving Brush
  • Tin of Shaving Soap
  • Tin of Sharpening Paste
  • Handcrafted Wooden Box

Yes, you may think that this is expensive; however, please think again if we place them side by side for years with a disposable razor.

Cost of straight razor vs disposable razor over time

Cost comparison of a straight razor and disposable razor over five (5) years

This chart greatly represents the amount of money you can save. In only four years of switching from disposable to straight razors, you will be saving approximately $1,000. Since the straight razor is believed to last for a lifetime, you may try to calculate the difference on your own if given the proper care and maintenance.

You may start by calculating how much your current razor is and multiplying it by how many you will be using for the entire year, and try to multiply it even by just five years.

Even without considering the increase in prices throughout the years, you will still see that the spot outflow for your straight razor now is lesser than the figure you have computed. Here is a more detailed explanation of how much you are saving when you stop buying disposable razors: The Economics of Straight Razors vs. Disposable Razors.

Make The Switch

With the cost-saving characteristics plus you contributing to the lessening of plastics in our landfills, the switch to straight razors would probably be heavier on your decision scale now.

In wet shaving with the aid of a straight razor, you are not just pampering your face by giving it a comfortable shave. Another benefit of shaving with a straight razor is that you are also turning a daily chore into an unwinding and relaxing activity. You are the conductor of your face and facial hair. Besides, if you make the straight razor your stick, you will surely create perfect harmony.

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