Advantages & Disadvantages of Wet & Dry Shaving

May 22, 2018

Advantages & Disadvantages of Wet & Dry Shaving

The most popular way of removing unwanted hair for men and women is shaving. It brings the benefits of time efficiency and is refreshing to the skin.

There are shaving device that can be used without water and those that are for wet shaving.

There are advantages and disadvantages of wet and dry shaving and each person can go with the option that suits their preferences.

There are factors that can help you decide the best option between dry and wet shaving. Sometimes the skin gets very sensitive, however, when you understand the skin and how to treat it right, you will know whether to use wet or dry shaving.

We will go through Advantages and Disadvantages of Wet and Dry Shaving to help you make the right choice for your morning routine.

Wet Shaving

wet shaving

This is the classic form of shaving and has only hanged a bit over time. It used to involve a lot of time shaving and maintaining the razors and learning to lather the shaving cream.

In the modern world, there are canned shaving cream and disposable razors to make it more convenient to shave wet.


Each type of shaving has its pros and cons. After reading this, you will understand what method to use in which scenario. It may not be the choice you go with every day for the rest of your life but for certain situations.

Its advantages include:

- Gives you the closest shave. Since the hair is soaked in water or foam, it becomes softer and very easy to cut. In addition, the modern razors are designed for a closer shave with little or no damage to the skin.

- It offers a superior exfoliation action without harming the skin. Coupled with the modern razor technology, you can run the blades on even the most sensitive skin to remove the dead skin cells.

This leaves a smooth, soft and fresh skin. The skin will always have a youthful glow to it after a shave.

wet shaving


Those with sensitive skins will most likely dread shaving. The disadvantages include:

- Wet shaving will make you replace the shaving items regularly. This may end up being too costly over a single year.

- You need a little more dexterity or risk cutting yourself more than necessary. Modern razors, however, have multiple blades and mobile head that follow the skin contour for a better safer shave. If you are not sufficiently precise, you will end up with cuts.

- Skin irritation is possible, especially if you use a blunt razor or incorrect shaving products. If you do not do it right, even with gentle movements, you will get razor burns.

- Putting up with a daily bloodbath can be annoying. Even with experience and gentle shaving, you will not be sure of no-blood shaving.

- If you have sensitive skin, you will have to endure the daily annoyance of dealing with irritation.

- It requires much time to do right and prevent injuries. You cannot always do it in the morning when your time is of the essence.

- There is a higher chance of hair ingrowth since the shave is so close.

- Those with acne will find wet shaving to be difficult. The oils in the shaving creams can worsen the acne and make you more prone to cuts and nicks from the shaving blade.

Dry Shaving

dry shaving

This requires the use of an electric shaver and offers quick and convenient shave whenever you need it.

They were designed for that efficient shaving experience to make you appear presentable in no time. It does not involve water, gel, or shaving cream and is the preference of many men and women with sensitive skin.

It suits the person who wants a quick and hassle-free shaving without the need for shaving aides like cream.


- It cuts the hair some distance from the skin and does not remove the skin layer from the shaved area. This makes dry shaving the best option for those with sensitive skin.

- It is convenient and very easy to use compared to the wet shaving razors. All it requires is an electric power source and go on shaving even without prior experience.

- It eliminates any risk of developing ingrown hair since it does not cut too close to the skin surface.

- the dry shavers at times come with trimming functions that allow for controlling the shaving length. You can manage a perfectly groomed beard with these shavers.

- they offer the advantage of speed and the convenience of shaving anywhere.

- there are less shaving-related issues like skin irritations, ingrown hair, and razor burns.

- there is no direct skin contact when shaving so the facial hair is cut so lose you cannot see but can feel them.

dry shaving


As much as dry shaving is inviting and has many benefits, it has its demerits too. Dry shaving will benefit you but harms you in other ways. These include:

- The shaving is not as thorough as with wet shaving. Those with strong dark hair may have to bear with their cut hair showing before the end of the day.

- Electric razors require more regular and careful maintenance. After every shave, you need to dismantle the head to lean it or else the machine will not last as long as it should.

- The shavers require more initial investment compared to the wet shavers.

- When you begin dry shaving, the skin may become tender and get irritated. This will subside as the skin gets used to the new process.

- The shave may not be as lose and smooth as desired so forget about a silky smooth skin.

- It may result in skin dryness sine you will be rubbing a dry material against the skin with no buffer or lubrication.


There are obviously Advantages and Disadvantages of Wet and Dry Shaving. It is recommended that you wet shave when the skin has no irritation and does not feel sensitive.

If you need a quick shave that is not necessarily smooth, then dry shave will suit you. Dry shaving has the most benefits and is very convenient compared to wet shaving.

However, the ultimate choice will boil down to personal preferences, time available, the smoothness required, skin sensitivity, and your budget.

When you consider the above advantages and disadvantages carefully, you will find the right shaving type for your skin and daily routine.


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