5 Benefits of Wet Shaving: Why You Should Give Yourself One

March 01, 2020 4 min read

5 Benefits of Wet Shaving: Why You Should Give Yourself One

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In recent years, more men have begun to enjoy wet shaving.

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Lather helps protect the skin from blade irritation.

Gone now are the days when people would dismiss it as irrelevant and tedious, a routine fit for the past. These days, it’s practically feeding a billion-dollar industry in male grooming worldwide.

Here in America, around 85% of men prefer to wet shave. But even then, not everyone takes to it like a duck to the water. There are still those who find it tedious that they would settle for a dry shave with a plastic disposable razor just to get it over with.

But shaving dry, at its best, only offers mediocre results. A traditional wet shaving, on the other hand, is the only way that you can get a close shave comfortably without getting razor bumps and razor burns. That’s why whenever there’s a special occasion like a wedding for instance, men would shell out money to get a real wet shave from a master barber.

Now there’s nothing wrong with seeking professional help for a wet shave. But when it comes down to it, doing it yourself is a lot more beneficial and practical for you.

Here at Naked Armor, we’ve learned that wet shaving is an invaluable skill to have in this day and age. It allows us to maintain our clean shaven faces no matter where we are. But that’s not the only reason. Here are five benefits why you should start wet shaving on your own.

1. Savings
2. It’s Good for Your Mental Health
3. It’s Better for the Environment
4. It’s Valuable Skill
5. It’s Convenient

1. Savings

Why spend for a wet shave at your barber shop when you can have one at home, anytime you so choose.

These days, men who visit a barber shop for a professional wet shave can expect to pay approximately $20 per shave. That means, if you need one on a monthly basis, you’ll be spending $240 a year.

In contrast, a well-made high quality shaving kit will only set you back for nearly half of that amount. And that’s a one-time investment. With a wet shaving kit, you can experience a close shave anytime you want.

2. It’s Good for Your Mental Health

There are psychological benefits to doing your wet shave yourself. It can be immensely satisfying to be able to do it without requiring the help of a professional.

It can even make you more productive. Taking time to shave early in the morning sets the mind in a positive and relaxed mood to work and get things going. Part of it is due to the sensory pleasures that one feels when shaving the face with a straight razor.

But mostly, it’s because it forces you to spend some time with yourself. Spending time alone even for a few minutes when wet shaving allows you some self-reflection regarding problems and decision-making. It can also promote self-healing and calmness.

3. It’s Better for the Environment

Let’s face it. Going to the barber shop can take up a lot of carbon footprint. You’d have to take the car and unless you’re driving a hybrid, all the fuel you’re using will generate carbon emissions. And if there is one thing that this world doesn’t need is more greenhouse gases.

Giving yourself a wet shave lets you reduce your carbon footprint even more. Especially if you’re using a straight razor that’s made from sustainable resources. Because straight razors are made from recycled steel, they have less carbon emissions during production.

Naked Armor's straight razor is eco-friendly.

One secret to getting a wet shave that’s professional-level and luxurious is by getting the proper wet shaving equipment.

— Derek Dodds, Naked Armor Founder

4. It’s a Valuable Skill

Skills impress people. And believe us, wet shaving is a unique skill set. You’re entitled to brag about it. Nothing adds more weight to your manly pride when you can proudly reply to any positive comments about your clean shaven mug or sharply-trimmed beard that you groomed it yourself with a straight razor.

Plus, people are more impressed when you become an expert on a useful skill that not everybody knows how to do. It’s something to be proud of and a skill that you can teach your kids or future kids.

That being said, it’s a skill that takes practice. Here at Naked Armor, we’ve got lots of resources to help you get over that learning curve.

Wet shaving is a unique skill set.

5. It’s Convenient

The daily grind in our routine consumes a lot of hours. If you can have some free time to yourself, that is precious enough. So why waste it going through the hustle and bustle of everyday life?

Whether it is a last-minute client meeting, a business trip, or even a hot date, you don’t need to worry and waste time looking for a nearby professional barber that you can trust to give you a clean shave.

As long as you have a handy shaving travel kit around and you know how to wet shave, you can do it anywhere and be stylish and groomed anytime.

Naked Armor's Merlin Travel Straight Razor Kit is very convenient to use anywhere.

Getting the Right Tools

One secret to getting a wet shave that’s professional-level and luxurious is by getting the proper wet shaving equipment.

At Naked Armor, our razor blades are made from world class Japanese steel and expensive timber wood. This makes them very sharp and easy to shave without feeling cheap and trite.

In fact, the quality of their craftsmanship makes them the perfect heirloom pieces for the future.

They’re also uniquely designed in that the blades are between a full hollow and half hollow grind. This makes them versatile for any kind of use, whether for shaving or beard trimming.

Our shaving products are all sustainably sourced and organically made. They contain natural essential oils which nourish the skin and are especially good for men with sensitive skin.

Interested in seeing more of our products? Visit our site now.

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