You Deserve The Best

Every man has the right to a great shave and every great shave begins with a well honed razor—not a dollar razor.

In the beginning . . .

Naked Armor’s founder grew up with a gun in his hands and his father taught him how to recognize a well put together rifle.

In fact, as a boy D'rock's father made him assemble and dissemble those riffles over and over until he knew every part.

Again and again.

He learned early about steel and the precision—a great weapon was the result of the materials used to make that weapon. Shitty craftsmanship lead to bent barrels and jammed bolt actions.

Years later when D'rock was looking for more challenge, he picked up the bow and arrow and learned the importance of a sharp edge.

He never imagined that the arrow edge would one day help him develop the ultra sharpness of Naked Armor razors.

Like a dull arrow, a dull straight razor is useless.

Dad’s Legacy Protect The Badger

Dad taught D'rock to always respect animals, especially the endangered ones. After decades of hunting and fishing with his Pops he learned how important it was to respect and honor the animals that faced extinction.

Going against the industry standard, he decided that he would not include any badger killing brushes in his kits and released the first kits with a non-animal hair brush.

Any great hunter knows that hunting isn't about killing, it's about the connection to something greater and it comes with great dignity.

Naked Armors perfectly crafted brushes help create a rich lather for the shaving and aren't brittle like badger brushes.   

Thank you for reading our story—we look forward to bringing more great shaving products for many years to come.

~ D'rock, Naked Armor  

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"Naked Armor collection of straight razors and shaving kits depend on high quality Japanese steel. These blades offer precision and power for a close, clean shave that will leave your face smooth and irresistible."
NAKED ARMOR Straight Razors & Shave Kits
Touch of Modern
""It’s impossible to deny the effectiveness and practicality of a straight razor, you’ll notice a difference after the first stroke.""
Naked Armor Straight Razor: Vintage Tools for the Modern Man
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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"The most I liked about this razor is it is all that it says it is, and there is nothing bad at all to say. The finest razor I have ever owned, I love it! Thank you very much."
Frederick S
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I bought this for my husband, he loves it. He was surprised at how easy it was to use and how sharp is was right out of the box, His only complaint is that there isn’t a mug to foam the soap up in."
Alicia M
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Everything I expected and more beautiful piece of workmanship excellent value and above Quality I would highly recommend this to anyone"
James L from Florida
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